depression and autism

hi, I was wondering if anyone else has these symptoms, I have been suffering with anxiety and stress and now I have depression, my doctor says it is a "depressive episode", what does that mean? my symptoms are panic attacks, chest pains, diarrhoea, nausea, concrete head, fatigue, headaches, sensory problems with lights being too bright, noise being too loud, crying easily

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  • hi.just read your post.i can say I can relate to most of what you have said.depression hits most if not all of us for many a reason.if you have certain issues that's got you down then talking with your doctor is the first step to recovery.depression is an episode of our life some come out in weeks some suffer for many years lets hope you come out of yours sure you will with all the right support.

  • Thanks Kenny, I have been to the GP but and they have prescribed me antidepressants which I am scared to take because of side effects I've had in the past. I first had depression 16 years ago and it comes and goes, often I don't recognise the symptoms when they come because I think I'm strong enough to handle it. It's so good to hear from someone who understands, because I keep smiling people can't see it and don't believe there's anything wrong. Do you have autism too?

  • no but my son does.everyday brings new challenges but we get through it.depression just creeps up on us and out of the blue hits us like a ton of bricks.i had various antidepressants that made me feel sick but now I'm on mertazipine I feel I cope much 42 but I still have days when the smallest thing brings tears on but I just switch to something to distract me.

  • I have been prescribed Mertazipine too, I might try it next week, see how I am feeling. My son has autism and so do I, it's hard managing both our autistic idiosyncrasies at the same time! Depression has hit me hard too, I was just starting a new job, I'm the same age as you, it's taken me so long to get a career started and then it's like "hey! don't forget your old friend anxiety and depression! here to give you a helping hand to stop you doing anything!"

  • yeah Ive been taking them for about 3 years and never experienced any side the same work wise also.i had my life mapped out travelled abroad working and then not long after I got back my son was killed I nearly died 3 good friends died then my mum times I thought my mind was blowing up I couldn't take it I'm trying to get my life back again but like you the big d is not far away.

  • I'm not a doctor, but have studied anxiety and depression. It sounds very much like you have acute anxiety. You need therapy of sorts and some medication. Your doctor (if he is on the ball) should be able to recommend a course of action. Best of luck to you.

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