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Pre diabetic type 2

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I had some blood tests done (none fasting), and it seems I'm pre diabetic with levels at 41. I'm not only a runner, but do 3 hours a week over 2 other exercise classes, eat healthily, not over weight at all, drink a glass of wine 5 times a week, so I admit to being a little taken aback.

If anyone any experience of this or information, it will be gratefully received.


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No personal experience, but have read some good articles in The Guardian about diabetes. You're not lone as I remember reading one written by or about a healthy runner who developed type ii.The Sugar Myth (Guardian long read) is interesting, & there's lots of free information available on Michael Mosley, Chris Kresser, & Mark Hyman's websites re controlling diabetes that might be of help.

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Raisemeup in reply to BadHare

Thanks so muchBadHare. I have indeed been reading what Doc Mosley says which is of interest. I’ve also made an appointment to speak with the practice nurse in the New Year as I felt a bit abandoned by the Doctor just telling me to have a repeat test in 6 months with no guidance for the interim.Thanks again and best wishes.

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BadHareAmbassador in reply to Raisemeup

Good luck!

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