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Croaky voice

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I need some advice please, so I am asthmatic and I take the brown inhaler twice a day. Recently my voice has been croaky throughout the day and it’s not goijg away. Anyone else had/ have this. I’ve told my doctor and he’s sending me for a blood test to further test.

Advice and help much appreciated

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🙂 I think you’d get reliable advice from They answer questions of all kinds relating to asthma, and it could give you peace of mind while waiting for results of a blood test.

Speak to one of our helpline team on 0300 222 5800 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

Or message us on WhatsApp

Could be you are not drinking enough watery drinks and you have a dry throat. What about having a watery drink some minutes before you use your inhaler and make sure you breathe in deeply and hold your breathe for count 3 or 5 ,so the inhaler contents get right into your lungs Perhaps an asthma nurse could check it with you.

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This seems like great advice hun thank you so much. Really

Appreciate it and yea I don’t actually drink enough water or nothing at all to be honest and it’s bad I know. But I will start doing this and let you know.

Thanks a million


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