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Hyperthyroidism help desperately needed thanks Angela

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I'm new here.. Am looking for a doc to treat Hyperthyroidism .. I'm with a doc at the moment but he won't treat me for hyperthyroidism.. Have only got one weeks tablets left so am desperate.. Any help would be 👍 thanks Angela

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Copied from btf-thyroid.org

BTF telephone helplineOur telephone helpline is available Monday to Thursday between 10am - 4pm. Please dial 01423 810093.

Calls to these numbers are confidential and can help you find the answer to general questions about thyroid conditions. It is suitable for patients (and their carers) who are newly diagnosed or have long standing thyroid conditions. Calls are answered by trained staff with thyroid experience, who understand the issues you might be facing. We are here to listen and provide clear and up-to-date information. We can also signpost you to further support and information.

You don't say if you are in the UK or elsewhere or if you have been referred to hospital, who prescribed your meds ? and why can't you get a repeat ? I'll assume you are in Uk .....

Hyperthyroidism must always treated and overseen by an Endocrinologist, if you haven't been referred you must get your GP to do that, if you are under an Endocrinologist and they aren't able to treat you must ask your GP to refer to a different hospital.

If your GP is attempting to treat you he/she can phone the local Endocrinology department for advice and a treatment plan whilst you are waiting for an appt but you need to get a repeat prescription as stopping meds will not help you in any way !

Im afraid you will have to be proactive and do the work to get proper treatment, thyroid problems are a mine field and it's not easy getting the right treatment.

Get a copy of your blood results and post on Thyroiduk forum for more help.

There is a thyroid community on HU

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