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Hello I was recently diagnosed with thyroid hypothyroidism I haven't had my period for a month .I am in medication levothyroxine. I been taken those medication about three months so I been have my period those two month but this month I haven't had my period. What is happening to my body. Could I be pregnant.

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Post your question on this Health Unlocked group.. you'll get the best advice on

My period left for 1 or 2 years on levo or before levo. Not pregnancy just hormone got to eat, rest not underweight

Just make sure they are clean under and around the area. Make it something you both do to each other.

Anything is possible. Best wishes.

The medication that you are on can cause missing periods. It is not unusual however with that being said, if you miss a 2nd period for your piece of mine have a pregnancy test done. This month I wouldn't worry. Hope this helps! Take Care

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