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Ovary and cyst removal

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I had a surgery to remove cyst on my ovary. The cyst was very big 16 cm and ovary was twisted around it so they had to remove the ovary too. My question is they cut me up and down across the abdomen claiming the cyst was too big to do keyhole or bikini line. I understand that maybe keyhole was impossible but why not bikini line? If you can do c section for pregnant women why not for 16 cm cyst and the ovary?

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They have said it was to big to do a bikini line and you have to trust they know what's best, some ops are just not suitable for the newer minimal procedures especially if there's a risk of damaging other structures in the process.

I recently had my gallbladder out and the surgeon was pretty sure he couldn't do it with keyhole so open op was expected.

I had cyst and ovary removed in my teens and I have a 7 inch scar from belly button down, it's never bothered me.

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I just dont know if they did what was easiest for them or whats best for me. The scar itself doesn't bother me its the muscle division. Its like my stomach is split in half. Does yours look like that? Its been 10 weeks for me so i dont know if its going to get better?

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I have a noticeable scar and dent but I have had other ops down the same line which hasn't helped and I also have keloid scars which are more obvious.Have to say my C Section and keyhole incisions have given me more trouble than the big cyst one so I wouldn't say the smaller ones are any better !

The surgeon would have done what's best for you and if they had tried keyhole or bikini and then found they had to revert to open you would have ended up with more incisions and double trouble, it's really not worth worrying about now, it's done.

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