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Worried about lower left ovary/adnexa pain - I have 2 different cysts is it endo?

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Hello I am new to this and saw many posts on health and didnt know if anyone could shed some light on my confused health issue!! - not sure if the right area to post so Im sorry if its in the wrong area.

I am 42, been on the mini pill for years, never had any issues until 4 months ago. I got a UTI, always getting cystitis so took antibiotics and was fine, until a month later. I started to get lower left stabbing pains on my adnexa/ovary area more so around the week before the time of the month but now its pretty much everyday. Its like a hot feeling, burning but sharp, its not horrific its just there....

I had an ultrasound which detected a 3.2cm simple cyst a month ago but then disappeared and another one formed this month 2.5cm thin walled water cyst a follicle one again I am told on the right. Then I was told I now have a 1.7cm thin walled water signal cyst, no components, no septation which they think on the left is a peritoneal inclusion cyst (complicated words I know).

When my gynae examined me internally he felt my ovaries and both (more so left) was really tender and sore I was in pain the next day, after with this sharp stabbing feel again...

Anyone had anything like this before? My gynae said I may have mild endometriosis which I am really worried about but I have no other symptoms really apart from x3 days of cramping monthly but no period at all. Still feel fine and eating like a pig!!

Just a tad concerned....all started with the lovely UTI I had in March, blame something I know!! ;-)

thank you for reading...xx

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i was diagnosed with endo a couple of years ago , i remember the pain being bad and not having a period or it being very irregular. my ovaries also hurt and a common problem with endometriosis is cycts on the ovaries but some people can have mild endo and feel fine and just a little pain. there shouldn't be anything to worry about because endo can be treated somewhat easily and they're some ways to do it . i hope this helped (:

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Thank you for your reply. Will it go once you have surgery. I have noticed there are constant cysts forming, only small mind you but just always there. I am on the mini pill and ideally want to come off it but not sure if I should....!!! just trying to think how to get rid of the cysts without surgery (some people say food helps and diet change) as well as cutting out certain things etc....

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if there's any major cause they will be removed during surgery and having the surgery helps immensely. my pain was gone after i healed from the laparoscopy and ive had very little pain since then. they found lots of built up tissue that they couldn't get all out when i had my surgery done so my opinion is to get it done sooner than later so there isn't problems that could come later on in life. what does your doctor say about the cysts?

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Thank you. They said if it causes pain then to go for key hole if not he suggested fitting coil which I said no instead I'm just going to come off the pill as the mini pill has caused me endless mood issues over the years and obviously these cysts too. Did yours return once you had surgery? Was it quick recovery...sorry about all the questions...really appreciate your help!

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you're welcome and its okay i'm glad i can help ! its a quick recovery and it hasn't caused me any troubles since then . i was prescribed the mini pill but it also never helped i only took it for a short amount of time then got put on the depo lupron shot. but if you do have pain i think surgery would be best in my opinion.

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For egg donor I feel even more strongly, because that person is essentially "replacing me" in providing genetic material. Though I am not there yet, I know that the only option I could do would be a "known donor" that the child would be able to eventually know or contact. My own insecurities are unimportant compared to my child's right to choosing to know their genetic origins. I would also want them to know (or know of) their genetic siblings. Do I have fears that in some teen-aged rebellious stage the child would suddenly say "You can't tell me what to do, you're not my 'real' mom!"...? Absolutely. But it's for me to deal with that. In a current option that has presented itself, a friend of mine who has (without me asking, and before I was ready) offered to donate her eggs. I've even had fears that a child would some day run to her, wanting to live with her instead of me. Reality is that children consider their parents to be those who have raised and nurtured them. It's pretty much unheard of that adopted or donor children who find out their genetic donors actually leave the parents who have raised and nurtured them.

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Hi I think this is posted in the wrong place?

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AFM: Sorry I've been away, with my mom here and trying to get ready for school in a couple of weeks it's been pretty busy here!! I've been feeling so sick but it's ok because I tell myself it means my hormones are doing well! I've had to get a prescription for Diclectin as the nausea was so bad! I've been getting night sweats lately too, which are not fun! I have my first ultrasound in a week from today!!!! Cannot wait! I had a forth beta done and it was 5543 at 22 dpo or 17dp5dt.

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Oh gosh I'm so sorry to hear this. Have you tried ginger? Fresh ginger grounded or cut up in hot water? Or try apple cider vinegar too with lemon In 8 ounces of water. Both great for This! My cyst has pretty much gone strangely. Yesterday and today no pain and I've stuck to gluten free, apple cider vinegar, no sugar, or caffeine, and fruit and vedge, huge difference!! Could you try it maybe. I think my cysts just come the week before and the week I'm on xx

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