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Slight thickening of womb lining

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Hi all hope your all well.

Need a bit of advice. Cut long story short I recently had a scan that’s showed slight thickening of my womb so today I had hysteroscopy he tried to do biopsy of my womb but to painful so need to go back again and be sedated and have key hole done instead. Tried to ask consultant questions as to what things can cause thickening he just replied with that we are checking to see if it’s cancer but being as your 36 it’s not likely it’s just to make sure it’s not.

My question is do any of you know what things can cause thickening? Dr Google comes out with the worst case scenario and can’t really find anything else online.

Many thanks emma

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Hi I had a ultrasound scan which included the vaginally one 1st one private said I had slight thickening and a polyp so I went nhs 3 months later couldn't find anything.. so waited 3 months had another still didn't find anything so very strange ...did u have a 2nd also I'm 61 and on hrt and was told the estrogen can cause it ??? Maybe ask if u can have a repeat ultrasound ..xx

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Hi ive only had 1 scan and had hysteroscopy they tried to do biopsy at the time but too painful so now waiting for a call back for appointment date to be sedated. When they scanned me they said the changes that they can see on scan is what you typically see with endometriosis. Consultant said they want to biopsy just to be sure it’s nothing sinister and to rule out things. My periods are stupidly heavy and painful always have been but have got progressively worse the past few years. Thank you for your reply.

Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis? Xx

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No nothing.. I'm still on hrt so I've been told estrogen can cause thickening if u don't get any joy I went private to spire for the sake of say 150 they give you more time and u can ask questions etc maybe push you further up the ladder so u may get treatment quicker on nhs..always say you would like the nhs treatment as private is very expensive unless you want to go private and can afford it...let me know xx


I have a thickened lining. I had the hysteroscopy. Good for you getting sedated. I can't believe how painful that was. I wasn't sure I was going to get through it. Anyway the biopsy was negative.

The period symptoms do sound like they could be endometriosis. But I'm just guessing on that.

Try not to think the worst. I know easier said than done.


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Thank you for your reply This has made me feel a little better.

Did they give you any reason for why your lining is thicker then meant to be?

I am trying to stay positive but it’s hard.

Many thanks

Emma xx

Gyn said sometimes it just happens. He could find no reason or mine but he did say they always biopsy to rule out worse case scenario.

I know it's hard. I was scared too. But I didn't know anyone that had even had it. So, of course I believed what I read to be 100%.

Just know that it's not always bad news. I'm glad I read the post so I could tell you I am ok:)


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Thank you you have really reassured me.And so glad you got a good result

I will post again on here as soon as I get any news.

Thank you again really appreciate your post 😊 xx

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Yes please let us know how you make out.

I'm glad you feel a bit better. Do your best to stay focused on what you know now. You will have a test to see what, if anything, is on.


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