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Intense period. Very much done with it.

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Periods for me mean intense pain. Pelvic, back, thighs. I’m down for most of my period days. Every single period since 11 or 12 years old.

What I wanna know is: would some kind of sterilization surgery get rid of my period for good? I’ve heard it yes and I’ve heard it no. I’m lookin for something to research.

I can’t do it rn (hence wanting to do research) bc apparently you can’t just order your birth certificate/ state ID after you’ve turned 18. I’m 19.

So even if I had those things, I’ll bet I’ll still have to wait a few years (which I’m just gonna say, rn, is bull).

Ik about birth control but I’m looking for a permanent fix. Hoping for one at least. Something where I just go to the hospital, get it over and done with and then I never have to deal with uterus bullshit every other month.

Also I’m Asexual so I’d be thankful if any suggestion given would destroy my sex drive.

I’m conclusion, as one could probably tell, I know absolutely nothing about this kind of thing so an over and done solution to the intense period pain is probably not a thing, but let me dream. Please. Just give me SOMETHING, even if it’s hypothetical.

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I used to suffer really painful periods too, but found magnesium and zinc supplements really helped. I can let you know the ones I took (nutritionist recommended them to me) and the doses of you'd want to give it a try? It'd take a couple of months to see if it helps.

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Alright. Thanks man.

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I've realised you're in America so brands might not be the same there.I was recommended Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Citrate (150mg magnesium per tablet) and took 4 per day (1 at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed) for 4 weeks.

I also took 1 allergy research zinc tablet with dinner too.

It also might sound weird, but eating ginger just before your period is due can help too.

I know it's not the ultimate fix you're looking for, but if it can ride you over until you can get the sterilisation you're after, then at least it's something.

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bhaltaire in reply to Cooper27

Yeah. Thanks a lot. I’ll try that out.

Hi there, do you happen to know if there’s anything for bloating? I start feeling symptoms like a week before the period and then the usual cramp. Thank you.

Sorry, I don't. I think lemon water (water with a slice of lemon in it, hot or cold) can help, it's a natural diuretic, which flushes excess water from the system (but makes you need to per a lot) or ginger is a great tummy settler too, but I don't know how effective they are for period related bloating. Worth a try though!

I’ll try that. Thank you.

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🤔 Read about Dysmenorrhea...

Dysmenorrhea is characterized by severe and frequent menstrual cramps and pain during your period.

Dysmenorrhea may be primary, existing from the beginning of periods, or secondary, due to an underlying condition.

Symptoms may include cramping or pain in the lower abdomen, low back pain, pain spreading down the legs, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, weakness, fainting, or headaches.

Treatments may include NSAIDS, acetaminophen, birth control pills, hormone treatment, dietary changes, vitamins, exercise, heat, or massage.

In extreme conditions, surgery may be needed.

Sterilisation won’t affect your period. You’d have to go the full hysterectomy I think. And most doctors would regard it as unethical to do because you might ‘change your mind’ about having kids.

Have you talked to your Doctor about a coil? I would focus your research on that area as it can really improve your period health.

I don’t think women should be told it will ‘settle down’ or what a doctor told me in my early 20s - ‘these things are sent to try us’. No. Women deserve better. I don’t say pain-free periods, but periods where you can still get on with your day, go to work etc. That should be the expectation, I think.

Good luck.

Freakin precisely dude. I’d honestly go the full hysterectomy way if I could, but I will definitely look into whatever a coil is.

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Cooper27 in reply to bhaltaire

Best to avoid the copper coil - it's non-hormonal, but it often makes periods heavier/worse, I don't think it would be worth risking that one. There are other coils though.

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bhaltaire in reply to Cooper27

Ok. Thanks man.

I used to have unbearable period pains. Finally a doctor suggested Mefenamic acid - total relief! Take with food, otherwise it can cause colic.

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