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Not responding well to IVF stims

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I wonder if anyone can help. I am not responding to ivf stims currently on day 11 and only have 2 follicles above 10mm. I initially had 24 follicles at baseline and was put on a low dose of 125 Gonal F. After 7 days no progress, up to 175 on day 9 no progress, then 250 only 2 follicles . So disheartened I don’t get why I’m not responding. If anyone has had a similar experience please could you share. Thank you

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🙂There have been previous discussions re IVF, to see links type IVF in the searchbox (top right).

Hi, same thing happened to me as well, poor responding, just one follicle in the end, cycle had to be cancelled but also due to fibroids. One grew quite a lot during stims.

Lots of hugs!!!!

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Thanks for responding. It’s such a shame that this happens. We just have to hope for better luck next time.

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