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Peri want to hear from others

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so im pretty sure im in peri, im 44 and been having some strange symptons for about year and half, i also have hashimotis, however this is in range now, but for last 3 weeks since my period have been having daily flushes and sweats at day and night, prior in last year was only having day here and there with these, this is longest ive had them constantly, does this mean im getting closer to menopause, just after others experiences, my cycles have also been regular again for around 27-28 days for last 2 months but prior had changed to anywhere from 23-25 days, plus had a 41 day earlier this year, first ever in lifetime.

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Hi,it does sound as if you are on the change ,have you been to the doctors and had a test . Some ladies have it very early .a friend of mine went to see if she had started and the test showed she had finished and was now post ,good luck

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Yes had the tests but saying im not but im told these are not accurate

I definitely say menopause. I'm done however I started like that and my journey lasted a long time. I would have your gyno do a complete hormone analysis of your blood work associated with what your ovaries are putting out as far as hormones. I did it and that's how I found out I was finished and celebrated the end of that 46 year he**! ☺️.

At least you'll be able to track where you are in the process.

Good luck 👍

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yes ive done the tests at 7 days and 21 days a couple of times , both saying im not but im sure ive started as my premenstrual symptoms over last 2 years have been diminishing, no longer get symptoms of ovulation or very rarely, no ovulation pain, no cramping and im now on day 32 of cycle and boobs not even sore, which is the only symptom i still get before a period, also nearly non existant discharge of any type and period only lasts 2 days and gone, just started getting nauseous feeling in last 2 weeks with the flushes , and not pregnant lol

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So did you get the exact numbers of output of hormones from your ovaries?

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No i dont think so was just fsh, lh, oestradiol and progesterone

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You should know how much exactly your ovaries are putting out hormones. Doctors like to give women a hard time idk why. That will tell you exactly where you are and how much they're putting out/ working. I did it a few times and the last time I threw a party because I was done,!!! This party since I was 12 and I'll be 57 next week finally ended! There was cake that day!☺️🎂🎉🎈and it wasn't my birthday! Lol

Hi sbadd

I'm 47 and I've been all over the place for a few years now. No period for 4 months, then one every 15 days for a few months then none again. Bloods have shown normal or not depending on when I've had them done. At my last gynae appointment (when I went I hadn't had a period for months) she said I was completely peri but would still have a period again, the day after I started.

I've had so many strange symptoms I can't begin to list them.

So, as long as you're having all your check-ups you should be fine (as fine as one can be in peri that is).

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Thanks yes i just want them to stop for few months then ill know ive not been going crazy this whole time thinking i have something more sinister

Peri really does have the strangest symptoms that make you think you're crazy. But the way I see it if you've been checked and everything else is ok then it's safe to say it's peri, which can really be hell. In fact I once Googled perimenopause and hell and loads of stories came up 😉

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