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Coil Removal due to Mental Health

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Hi I’m turning to here because I feel like I have nowhere else to go

I’m 20 with a one year old and I had the Mirena coil fitted mid February. Physically everything was fine apart from mild cramping, however it wasn’t the one I wanted!! I asked and thought I had the copper coil fitted until I got home and realised the health professional had given me a card that said mirena. I called up my drs to complain but she sweet talked on the phone and because it’s quite an invasive procedure, I’d thought I’d just ‘see how I went’.

For at least a month now my mental health has never been worse. I’ve never felt this down for no reason at all, I’m struggling to look after my one year old and have asked his Dad for lots more help recently. Nothing has changed in my life and I’m normally quite good at picking myself up when I feel quite down. This Monday I called my drs and they booked a ‘telephone’ consultation to have it removed but that was for 8 days time. The next day I called 111 because I was having really low thoughts, not quite suicidal because I’d never do that to myself, but all I wanted to do was sleep. The only thing I can think is causing this is the coil because I’ve never had hormonal contraception before.

111 were lovely and managed to move my phone call to the next morning to try and sped up the process. However I spoke to the GP the next morning and she couldn’t have cared less. I begged her crying on the phone to take it out and she said she’d put it down as an ‘emergency’ but the family planning clinic is open only once a week for contraception fitting.

I managed to call a sexual health clinic and I’ve got a removal appointment on Tuesday however my drs still haven’t called me back with an apoointment and I spoke to them Wednesday morning.

I just feel so so let down by the NHS. I know Tuesday doesn’t seem that far away but I’m struggling by the minute. I feel like I’m just suffering from even though I’ve tried my genuine hardest to pick myself back up, talk to family and friends and if anything I feel worse. If the coil was causing physical pain I feel like it would’ve been removed by now.

If I’m still feeling this bad tomorrow / over the weekend do you reckon walk in centres / urgent care centres would remove the coil. I know having it removed won’t immediately make me feel better as it’ll take a little while for my hormones to re adjust but sooner rather than later? I just can’t even look after myself and I’m being hard on myself even more for not doing basic tasks like cleaning or eating properly:

Any help or advice would mean the world

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🙂 It’s reassuring to know you had helpful advice from 111, they really are the best people to talk to under the circumstances. Removal of the coil is a specialist procedure, and I don’t know whether this could be offered at a regular walk-in clinic, or just on specific days. Do you have family/friends who can support you through this emotional time🤔

Sleep deprivation can be awful, and lead to low thoughts, I really empathise because I’ve experienced similar myself. Having this coil removed, and another implanted may not relieve the situation, has your GP offered counselling 🤔

No I’m not having another coil in, I’m going to have a break for a little while to see if it’s that causing it. My sleeping has been okay. I’ve been turning to family and friends but that hasn’t helped

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to flowerygirl

My experience happened a long time ago, and I didn’t have a good support system, it was really difficult, nothing like the empathy you get these days. If it were me, I’d grit my teeth until Tuesday, give my system a week or so to settle, and if I didn’t feel in a better place both emotionally and mentally, I go back to my GP and ask for advice 🙂

Thank you

Did the Mirena coil stop you from sleeping wobblybee ? If so, I was exactly the same - I had to wait 10 days before they could get it out. Mental torture.

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to DesperateLastResort

🙂 I’m sorry, I wasn’t referring to my own experience with Merina Coil, just empathising with sleep deprivation.

I'm sorry they haven't been more helpful for you flowery girl :(

Hormonal contraceptives can mess with our moods quite a bit and I hope things will settle down when you get it removed. Someone once recommended taking pre-natal vitamins to me, when you're coming off them, because you want to support your hormones to get back to a healthy state (and healthy state means being healthy enough for pregnancy). I know that sounds odd for someone who doesn't want to get pregnant, but I figured there's no harm in trying it.

From my perspective, there's nothing wrong with sticking to the bare minimum for now. Especially because you know it's only for a little longer. Every time you catch yourself feeling guilty, try to remind yourself it's short term. Write it on a post it note and stick that on the kitchen tap if necessary!

Of course, if you do start to feel exceptionally dark again, call someone for help. Don't suffer alone.

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flowerygirl in reply to Cooper27

Thank you I really needed to hear this! If it is the hormonal coil I can always switch a later date to the copper one.

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SraB in reply to flowerygirl

The next day I felt much better when that horrible thing was out of my body! Hold in there, don't push yourself while waiting, you will feel better soon. 🍀

Hi there, I’ve never been pregnant so have no experience of this but have you considered you may be suffering from some postpartum depression which could be underlying and the synthetic hormones are increasing the effects of PPD?It’s just a theory and every woman’s body responds differently to going back to being in a non-pregnant state and this can start up to 12 months after having a baby, not just in the few weeks after giving birth.

I hope you feel loads better when you have the coil removed, but if you don’t definitely go back to your GP and tell them how you are feeling. Good luck x

Thank you I will definitely go back to my GP if I don’t feel better after it’s been taken out I’ll go back. I doubt it’s PND just as my son is 16 months now, the symptoms started a few weeks after having the coil fitted

Hey! I’m so sorry to hear about your negative experience. It is completely valid.

I just wanted to say that I have heard of others going through that as well (but in the US). One of my friends had that invasive surgery and her mental health plummeted too. (Another one of my friends did have an implant that was placed incorrectly).

It’s so hard! That is such a frustrating thing to go through, especially with all of the waiting and calling other people. Sorry I don’t have any advice, just compassion for you.

Thank you I really needed to hear that, counting the days until it’s Tuesday for it to be taken out

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