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Mirena coil experiences

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I’ve just had a mirena cool fitted to manage painful and heavy periods . What are your experiences? So far I’ve had light bleeding with some cramps but that’s it but I’m anxious about side effects but so far I’m ok !

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Hi chick... I've had 2 mirena coils. Due to have it changed next year... I dont have periods at all really.. it gets changed every 5 years... so I've not had a period for 9 years... its been brilliant... sometimes my boobs get a little tender when I would normally be on. The 1st couple of months can be a bit hit and miss, but once your body accepts it, all will be well.. the cramps will go.

Some women experience very light periods each month... I don't, thankfully.

I'm 49 in May and will be keeping it until I'm through the menopause.

Good luck, I'm sure it will settle down xxx

Hi little Lizzie that sounds great I hope I’ll be the same as I’m 47 and peri menopausal.

I’m due a period next week normally so for the first month so I might get a period I guess I’ve had pmt symptoms sore boobs etc

Glad to hear a positive story there are many but also a few scarey ones out there xx

I think I've had read more into it i might never had had it fitted.. l people tend to talk about the down sides and not the good bits...I tend to get the nurse to check the strings once a year cause I can't feel feel them. I know it's still in otherwise I'd have a monthly flood and be in excruciating pain... so all good.

I do have a miss shaped cervix so I have to go to the hospital to have mine taken out and replaced. Not pleasant but needs must!!


Yes true

I’ve just had my first period and still cramps and brown sludgey period . I’ll go to docs if I can’t find strings though or get heavy bleeding .

I had the Mirena fitted after my second child and bled continually for 9 months before choosing to have it removed. The reason for the bleed is that my body rejected it and it kept moving causing the bleed. Worth while having a check to make sure it is fitted properly

Oh no that must of been awful apparently a lot of the issues occur if fitted straight after child birth I read. Hope your ok know . If I bleed a lot I’ll get it checked definitely

Hi. I had a Mirena coil fitted years ago . I'm in my 60s now. In 2014 I started noticed dark patches on my face mainly area near the ears. I had it checked out and was told that I had hyperpigmentation which is due to hormones. I read up on it and came across articles/ experiences saying that's one of the side effects of Mirena. I was devastated to discover this. I am now living with this condition and it's not nice. Before that I had a great complexion. I also used to get lots of acne on my cheeks. Another side effect of the Mirena.

I do not wish to scare anyone and maybe these side effects are not there anymore but thought I should let you know.

Ok thanks I have pigment dark patches anyway due to hormones peri menopause I think the thing is the mirena affects everyone differently so I’ll have to sit it out and see I’ll give it a few months and see how I am

Hi there, I had one fitted for years. I didn’t bleed at all which was great. I had mine removed because I thought that it was affecting my labido. It wasn’t. Unfortunately the GP could not find it, nor could the GP who fitted it so I had to go to a Gynaecologist to have it removed, which was painful. I was going through the menopause and after a few years of trying many alternative remedies I eventually decided to look in to HRT. I had been reluctant and wanted to go ’au natural’ however the Gyny who removed my coil totally sold it to me and I went for it. Anyway I will get to the point now, had I left the coil in it would have provided the Progesterone part of my HRT. As it is now we have tried and tested differing amounts and now I take it in capsule form and wear patches for the oestrogen. Good luck with your coil.

Hi that’s wierd that you didn’t bleed but they couldn’t find it in there. You’d of thought you would bleed

I’ll get mine checked if I can’t find the strings at any time. Hope your ok now?

I’m fine thanks. Yes do that, it was weird.

I’ve had mine for 3.5 years now and haven’t had a period in years. No side effects that I can relate to the mirena either, so I’m actually taking my 17 year old to get the mirena next week

That’s good to know. I had mine fitted 2 weeks ago and just got period and it feels more painful than normal the doctor said that is normal it takes sometimes 3 months to settle down I hope they are right . I can feel the strings though so that’s good and no sign of infection. How long did it takes to eliminate symptoms of pain and heavy bleeding can you remember?

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