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What Can Be Done for Long Covid Symptoms

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I have long covid, it's been 3~1/2 months. The exhaustion is unbelievable & I'm mostly in bed. I have many symptoms that just won't stop & the doctors & hospitals are no help. Does anyone know anything that can be done or what supplements help. This is a horrific virus. I'm in the U.S.

Thank you in advance.

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I’m sorry you’re having to cope with this. The best advice is likely to be from a Specialist. In the UK this support is available....

NHS to offer ‘long covid’ sufferers help at specialist centres

7 October 2020

Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and ResponsePatient care

People suffering ‘long covid’ symptoms will be offered specialist help at clinics across England, the head of the NHS announced today.

Respiratory consultants, physiotherapists, other specialists and GPs will all help assess, diagnose and treat thousands of sufferers who have reported symptoms ranging from breathlessness, chronic fatigue, “brain fog”, anxiety and stress.

Increasing medical evidence and patient testimony is showing that a small but significant minority of people who contract Covid cannot shake off the effects of the virus months after initially falling ill. Some estimates suggest that 10% of Covid patients may still be experiencing symptoms more than three weeks after infection, and perhaps 60,000 people could be suffering from long covid symptoms after more than three months.

Copied from nhs.uk

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Nia50 in reply to wobblybee


That’s interesting to learn. To access this service, I would imagine I have to contact my GP. However this has never been offered to me, when I call them composing of different ailments, following Covid.


I had a rough dose of covid in December. I go to work and then home, eat shower and bed exhausted.

I have bouts of nausea, aching legs, Anxiety Low moods exhaustion .. i’m pretty tired of it now .. GP can’t do anything. Im trying to eat healthy and little exercise.

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Keep-The-Faith in reply to Nia50

I had a pretty bad case too..went to the hospital 3 times & no help. I had low oxygen in my blood & they neglected to tell me & PAC's in my heart, coughed up blood & so much more. I'm mostly in bed. Think I'm going to switch doctors. Hope you feel better, the exhaustion is so bad..I can barely walk across the house.

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Nia50 in reply to Keep-The-Faith

I do sympathise with you .. it is so common .. more and more is coming out on the news about how the virus leaves people poorly after contracting it.

I had a paramedic out due to poor breathing one evening when I had it.

We were told by many professional to self isolate and self care at home.

It is frightening and isolating how ill it leaves you. Keep i touch on how your doing !

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