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late periods


i'm only in my early 20s and this has never happened to me before.

my periods are normally regular, sometime they come a day late or early but usually go back to normal but I've noticed lately that they have been getting longer ( the days between each period)from 26 to 27 to 28 days and they also became lighter but still painful . the reason I'm worried is because I was supposed to get my period soon but it still hasn't come and its been 30 days since my last one .

I'm not sure i f I should wait a few more days or just contact my GP.

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The length of cycles you mention are within normal, unless there's a chance of pregnancy i wouldn't worry too much, if however you go to say 35 days without maybe check in with your gp.

bcgi97 in reply to sbadd

Thank you for the advice :)

Definitely no chance of pregnancy. i think i might give it a few days before i contact the GP.

sbadd in reply to bcgi97

Sounds like a good idea

26 to 32 days is pretty normal. Do not worry you will get them soon.

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