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Period a week late


I was supposed to get my period on the 24th of July. I am now I week late, I took a pregnancy test Saturday night and it came back negative. I have been emotional and my boobs are fuller but I normally get that before my period so I am hoping that because of the last month being stressful that it has just pushed it back a week. I don't think I am pregnant, my boyfriend and I always use a condom, but not sure if other problems are going on.

I stopped taking the birth control pill 9 months ago and my period cycle length appears to be getting longer each time.

Is my body still just getting back to normal or could I be pregnant or have a hidden health issue going on?

Here are my periods from when I stopped taking the pill and a few before I stopped.


August the 1st - 5th -27 day cycle

August the 27th - 30th -26 day cycle

September the 23rd - 27th -27 day cycle

Stopped talking pill on the 3rd of October

October 5th - 9th - 12 day cycle

November the 2nd - 6th -28 day cycle

December the 3rd -7th -31 day cycle


January 7th -11th - 35 day cycle

February 8th - 12th - 32 day cycle

March 11th - 15th - 31 day cycle

April 13th - 17th - 33 day cycle

May 16th - 20th - 33 day cycle

June 21st - 26th - 36 day cycle

Expected period: 24th of July -has not shown up yet, upto day 41 of cycle.

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Anxiety messes up your cycle. Ive been thru this girl! You'll be okay


Thanks, hopefully it is just anxiety messing with my system! Still waiting though, 9 days late now and have very pale brown mucus so fingers crossed that means my period will be here in a day or so!

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Yeah, I wouldn't worry yet. I went a month late once. I also take medication so that messed up my cycle too


A month late! That's crazy.

I'm still waiting but I think I feel it coming on so fingers crossed

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Update! My period arrived today! :D


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