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What is the best age for being a powerful mother?

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I have heard about the risk of getting pregnant over the age of 40. Do you have any experience or more information in this respect?

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One of the most common risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy is the age of the mother-to-be. Women who will be under age 17 or over age 35 when their baby is due are at greater risk of complications than those between their late teens and early 30s.17 Jun 2020webmd.com › baby › managi...

I’ve known women in there 40s to have gave birth to healthy babies and have become great mothers. It all just depends on the woman. From what I’ve seen there has been no complications. You can have complications at any birth. I think it also depends on the woman’s health too. If she is severely overweight it can cause problems or if they have other sever health concerns. Not every woman is the same so I don’t think age should be an issue. The only problem would be that after a certain age you start to produce less eggs so there is might be less of a chance of becoming pregnant, but there are lots of ways now you can overcome that, ie freezing your eggs, IVF or it might happen naturally.


What I would say is speak to your consultant dependent if you have any health conditions be honest with them. Also get to know your body is it stable health wise? Are you healthy? could your body cope? Do you have support networks around to help if you do have health issues?

Pregnancy can have complications at any age. I’ve worked with women who had children in teens and struggled and older mothers 40 plus pregnancies and had no issues

I’ve sent you a private message.

What do you mean by "powerful mother" seems an odd phrase !

I had a baby at 42 with no problems at all.

In my opinion, there is no answer to the question. I think it is a very individual matter and it has many factors. Lifestyle, genes, nutrition. You may be 18 and going through a difficult time with complications, and you may be 40 and you'll be fine. You can definitely do some tests, talk to a doctor and then you will know where you stand :)

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