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Hi basically I’ve been in pain for weeks, I’ve been diagnosed with UTIs and infections but apparently I have no uti anymore but still feel sharp dull pain on the left side of my vagina/lower abdomen. The doctors aren’t listening to me and just keep shoving me on antibiotics which aren’t helping at all, I’ve been on 6 lots in the past 6 weeks. I just feel constantly run down and awful. I’m only 17 and I’ve never felt pain like it but I feel like I’m not being taken seriously, does anyone have any recommendations?

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I also have really bad back pain

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🤔 My regular low down pain was eventually diagnosed as adhesions (sticky tissue) around my ovaries, it occurred on both sides and was horrendous when I ovulated. It started after I was put on the pill, I endured pain for years without having a clue, and only found out by having a referral to a Gynaecologist.Of course I’m not suggesting yours is by any means the same, only that if something doesn’t clear up it may need a referral to a Specialist.

If you have a choice of GPs in the practice, make an appointment with someone you feel you can really talk to, and try to get to the bottom of this 🙂

Oh dear that sounds absolutely awful. I hope you are good and thank you for your advice. Just very fed up with it all :)

Hey hope you are okay, could be ovary related? Just with the location and back pain. I'm not expert but just a thought. I have had really bad back pain and abdominal pain for bout 6 months and have been referred for internal scan. Please don't suffer in silence and ask for an examination or referral to gynae x

That’s what I thought. Will make a GP appointment, but all they ever do is shove antibiotics down my throat without actually examining. Thank you for your advice x hope you’re okay too :)

Would you be able to see a female gp? Always found it a bit easier (and more comfortable) to talk about stuff like that with one. Hopefully they will listen. Did they say what type of infection it was? Is it constant pain? If you don't get any further forward next time you could make a complaint to the practice manager to state you feel as tho your concerns and symptoms are being dismissed. I live with a hot water permanently attached to me it helps x

Omg same. I usually shove one down my pants when I have to go out to stop me being in pain. But keep getting really bad rashes from them so had to steer away from them. And firstly they were urine infections but had 5 lots for that and still feeling the pain, and even had a 2 week dose for pelvic inflammatory disease which hasn’t helped one bit. Thank you very much, I hate speaking up but I I’ll have to! I’ve been urgent care 3 times and my GP twice and it’s just seems to never get resolved :/ fed up

Laughed at the water bottle down pants because I do the same.!are you using a hot water bottle cover? The rash coukd be off the temperature of it. I also use the deep heat and deep freeze creams.

I don't like speaking up either as I hate feeling like a burden but you can't go on like this lovely. Have they given you anything for the pain side.?Are you in UK? I was going to suggest you could ring 111 and get a Dr or nurse to call you back. You could also try a gum clinic as I think they are more aware of female issues and they might be able to do swabs for pid or suggest something to help. Just tell your gp you are struggling to function with the pain and it's affecting your daily life and mental health x

Only thing I find that helps! No nothing for the pain just loads of antibiotics that are draining me, haven’t been college in weeks because of it. I’ve seen a sexual health clinic to see if it was that sort of infection but everything came back normal, so just another dead end. Thank you so much I will do :)

Glad everything was normal! Defo keep on at them it's not right to just be fobbed off with no examinations. Next time I was just ask how you can get in touch with the practice manager about the service youve received and how to make a complaint, it might scare them into doing something if that makes sense.

I don't know where you are but there is a dna urine test that will tell exactly which bacteria you have, it's called MicroGen DX. If they aren't giving you the correct antibiotics then it won't get rid of it. Look online, a doc has to sign for the test but I would think you could get someone to sign. The reg tests are outdated & don't always show the bacteria. Another few things..candida in your urine or body, bv, your ph could be off from the meds. Also your uti could be embedded so it takes a long time to get rid of it. I just went through constant utis for 2 yrs then I got cafeful if you get the chills & even a low grade fever & blotchy skin. My uti's were never gone completely so my body went into sepsis. Not trying to scare you..just sharing. I hope you get help.

Also are you taking probiotics to put good bacteria back in your body? They also have vaginal & boric acid tabs can help to re~balance things. Try to research these things online.

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