hello new here. this is not completely to do with women's health but if feel better talking to women about this. I am having a cystoscopy next week and not looking forward to it. I made the mistake of going onto google and finding out what it entailed , now I'm more worried. (I hate google). I have a husband and other people that care about me but I don't want to show them how scared I am because I don't want them to worry. Sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers.

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  • Don't be scared. You will be fine.

    We are all here if you need a chat.

    :-) Good luck.

  • thank you xxx

  • Praying it goes well for you. Sometimes our worries make it seem much worse than it ends up being. I hope..... Let us know how your get on xx ♡

  • Thank you for your support I know worrying doesn't help but I know I'm a worrier and always think the worst X I will let you know how it goes X its on Friday

  • Thank u for ur support I went last Friday and not as bad as I was expecting. All clear nothing nasty to report. Weight well and truly off my mind ty x

  • Prayers answered! great news. thanks for sharing x ♡ :)

  • I had a cystoscopy few months ago and as you are was pretty apprehensive, however the procedure really is much easier than you are currently imagining.

    The actually cytoscopy took no more than 5 mins, ( there was ct scan and couple of xrays prior) it was a little uncomfortable as makes you need a wee. Afterwards did have issues with frequency for couple of hours but I often have that anyway and it soon cleared up .

    There was a couple of nurses in there and they were lovely even offered to hold my hand!

    Just one of those things that needs to be done but genuinely don't let yourself get scared or upset about it as it really is not bad at all .

    Good Luck , you'll be fine.

  • Thank you for that I was hoping someone who had it done would reply X I know worrying makes things worse but sometimes can't help it xx

  • Had my cystoscopy last Friday and not as bad as I was thinking all clear nothing nasty weight well and truly off my mind xx ty x

  • Thank u all for ur support X I had my cystoscopy this morning and it wasn't as bad as I made myself think X all clear nothing nasty X much happier now thank u again

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