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Menopause and burning tongue

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Hi everyone, wondering if anyone else has had burning tongue syndrome during menopause? If so can you tell me what you did and what worked.

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🙂Treatment - copied from

If your doctor finds a health problem or other cause for your burning mouth, then you have what's called secondary BMS. She'll treat the issue, and your symptoms should get better. If not, there's no known cure specifically for BMS, but there are ways to ease and control your symptoms.

Depending on the cause of your BMS, your doctor may suggest one or more of these treatments:

Medicines that help with nerve-related pain such as amitriptyline (Elavil) nortriptyline (Aventyl, Pamelor)

Capsaicin, a pain reliever made from hot peppers

Clonazepam (Klonopin), taken in low doses

Female hormone replacement

Mouth rinses

Products that replace your saliva

Vitamin supplements

You can do a few things that may help your symptoms as well:

Avoid acidic foods like tomatoes and orange and citrus juices.

Avoid alcohol, including mouthwashes with alcohol.

Avoid cinnamon and mint.

Avoid spicy foods.

Avoid tobacco.

Chew sugar-free gum (so you'll make more saliva).

Drink a lot of fluids.

Reduce stress with yoga or hobbies.

Stay socially active or join a pain support group.

Suck on crushed ice.

Thank you so much for your response. I think this has happened because I'm going through many hormonal problems since starting menopause and I have hypothyroidism both of these I saw on the list. Don't want to take any prescription meds so trying an all natural approach, strange how this happened during the holidays when I over did it on the sweets and the stress.

Very surprised you mentioned mint cuz I read mint tea was good.

I had a sore tongue when I was very hypo so I used a mouth wash which helped. I went through the menopause 5 years ago and to be honest I had didn't have the problems that I had with thyroid disease. I don't take HRT because of a family history of breast cancer. I try to eat healthy and walk everywhere instead of driving all the time.

Here is a link about burning mouth syndrome which you might find interesting

Thank you for the article. I can rule out many factors like dentures and low saliva flow and I kind of have it pin pointed to hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism and possibly candida. Strange thing is for 5 mos before this I've been suffering from cracks in the sides of my mouth and very chapped lips (never had this before) read up and 2 things popped up low vitamin B and candida. I assumed it was low vitamin B since all the bleeding I've been doing so I've been taking iron and the b complex for 2 mos prior but now I'm thinking candida. This did come about after over doing it on sweets for 2 weeks. I see my naturopath on monday and I'm thinking about going to a Chinese acupuncturist that prescribes herbs. I so appreciate your help on this, thank you again!

You are very welcome, I hope you find out the cause and get the right treatment.

Lora x

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to dbrowning02

🙂 There are several links to BMS, and it’s likely opinions may differ. As with medications, not everything suits everybody and some things actually work for other symptoms.

Yes I believe it's going to be trail and error but first I'm going to get to the bottom of the root cause.

I've read that magnesium can help with this! I had this & it helped.

I take 3x 1250mg of magnesium malate every night for years but thank you.

There are several different types of magnesium, maybe try another kind? Also maybe a different type of doctor like a naturopath or functional medicine doctor. Hope you feel better.

I am seeing my naturopathic doctor on Monday. Going to do more research on the different magnesium I was told by a different Naturopath Doctor to do the Malate. Thanks again!

Try following menopause_doctor on Instagram ( has her website on there) very informative and enlightening. I think

We all would learn a lot from her and dispel many incorrect myths about HRT and breast cancer / cancers. Best of luck.

Thanks I'll do that.

Hi just seen your post. I have had a burning tongue (not mouth) for almost two years now. Definitely brought on by Perimenopause/Menopause. I’m 51, and have Hashimoto’s (diagnosed Hypothyroid 26 years ago). I have been on a journey to get well for a few years now. Menopause triggered may things and certainly stirred things up with my hormones/Thyroid.

Hormones have a lot to answer for!!

For me.....getting balance with Vitamins, Minerals, diet, exercise, hormones, sleep, blood sugars, stress/demands etc has reduced my burning tongue symptoms by 80%. I don’t drink alcohol any more either, but even if you could reduce your intake (if indeed you do drink) it will help. I still get feelings (burning or buzzing/fizzy) at the tip of my tongue sometimes, but certainly nothing like I did.

Hope that helps. Glad to keep in touch with you if it helps as it sounds like we have similar “stuff” going on. Mandy 😊

Hi Mandy2007 thank you so much for responding to my post. At the time this started where you going through anything hormonal? I have been bleeding for most of the month with maybe a week to 10 days off(after going a whole year without having one)this started about 9mos ago. They did a biopsy and no cancer. Now recently I've started haveing acne (btw I'm 54) and cystic acne. I'm wondering about a connection, there has to be a reason for this our mother's never got this.

Hi you mention Candida, I meant to say also.....I have discovered (which I kind of knew) that I have Candida overgrowth. I am staring a Candida cleanse next week. It is a pretty radical one, and I am waiting for the supplements to be delivered before I can start. It is Thewholejourney, kick Candida for good programme which takes 6-10 weeks to complete & clear Candida overgrowth. It isn’t cheap but it guarantees if you stick to the programme you will never have to do another cleanse. Obviously you will need to be sensible with what you eat & drink going forward, but I’m ready for the change that it will give. 👍

I don't think it's a coincidence that both of us have menopause/hormonal issues and candida and so does my friend with burning tongue syndrome... Oh and thyroid issues (my friend has not been tested yet). There might be a link there.

Yes I'm also going to work on that too, thanks!

Hi I get that too and am assuming hormone related as am menopausal and on v low dose HRT patches. I get it cos I have a dry mouth in the night. I use s mouth spray to keep it moisturised.

When I was perimenopause I got a lot of spots on my back and top of my arms for a while. Just out of the blue. I’ve never been a person to get spots. I could list quite a few menopause symptoms......I guess it’s all part of our journey. I’ve suffered a fair bit of dizzyness over the last 10 months, vertigo too 😳 awful. I’ve started to use bi-identical Progesterone cream. Twice daily for about a week now and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but my dizzyness has subsided (fingers crossed it stays that way). I understand Estrogen dominance can cause all sorts of symptoms including dizzyness. Hope you get some relief soon 😊

I've been on bio identical hormone pellets but had to stop due to the continual bleeding. It's been 4 mos but nothing is changing, I do still take 300mg progesterone. Crazy how some of us suffer and others go through with no problems.

I was also on other bi-Id hormone tabs and started getting periods again (after none for a year+). Was advised to reduce dose until periods stopped. I did for a while but decided it wasn’t for’s tiring 😔

I'm wondering if a good detox is what might body need. Maybe it just got to a point it can't handle everything it used to and if I bring it back to a level it can handle it might go away...well that's my new theory .

👍 I think it can only do good. We clean everything else in our lives....

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