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Slow Heart when resting

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Hey just had a baby back in june 0f 2018 and here lately ive been having a slow heart rate on and off ive been to the emergency room because of it and a cardiologist who said my heart looks good but didnt really give me a cause just said i had Bradycardia but any other time my heart rate is in the upper 60s lower 70s and when im sitting still its in the high 50s but ive caught it in the low 50s recently.... Has anyone else had this problem and was okay?

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This could be anxiety. Please take b vitamins and a magnesium supplement, these really help. Your hormones are still fluctuating, so just be aware of that. Sometimes the mind finds a “problem” to fix on to avoid tackling a bigger issue. And the mind is very powerful so think powerful thoughts. You are safe, strong, beautiful, smart, and you have so much purpose in this world. I don’t mean to brush off the heart issue. I think exercise would help you feel better about it, get it pumping. Blessings!

When I used to run 4 times a week and was a lot fitter than I am now, mine was regularly in the 50s and so were my mates'. Took it as a sign of being fit. Hope this is the reason for you too.

Thank u so much everyone u all have put my mind at ease it isnt an everyday thing it'll happen for several days at the most and then stay in the upper 60s at rest i plan on getting check out more for reassurance and i wanna apologize for answering so late i forgot my password lol

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