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Hormones and anger


I’m feeling really crappy for reacting so negative towards my other half, and with being pregnant I don’t know whether it’s just my hormones I’ve never reacted like this towards him before. The last time I was negative like this was towards my ex husband 😢😢 but that was due to being sick and tired of emotional abuse . Where as this is not even the case this time ... help !

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Hey Hun it’s totally normal I was the same right at the beginning don’t know how my chap coped I was awful for the first 6 month . Now only got 19 days and I’m so much nicer lol xx

laurab13 in reply to Kt19

Thank you😘 I felt so bad once the anger went , I think he knows that’s not like me either. OMG that’s gone so quick! I’ve still got 15 weeks to go x

Kt19 in reply to laurab13

He will x

I’ve been in slow labour for over 2 weeks so frustrating they won’t do anything cause baby’s happy and I’m not moving 😩 xx 15 weeks will fly Hun x

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