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No taste and smell

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Hi all,

I haven’t had no taste or smell for 11 weeks. My Covid test was negative.

Has any of you had these symptoms and have these senses come back?

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🤔 What are smell and taste disorders?

The most common smell and taste disorders are:

Anosmia. Loss of sense of smell

Ageusia. Loss of sense of taste

Hyposmia. Reduced ability to smell

Hypogeusia. Reduced ability to taste sweet, sour, bitter, or salty things

In other disorders, odors, tastes, or flavors may be misread or distorted. They may cause you to detect a bad odor or taste from something that is normally pleasant to taste or smell. These disorders can affect quality of life. They may also be a sign of underlying disease.

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Petra77 in reply to wobblybee

Thank you. 👍❤️

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lizzybk in reply to wobblybee

My friend experienced the same thing she tested positive for COVID 19. I was surprised that it is one of the symptoms

Apparently they’ve had a lot of tests that have produced a false negative. There was someone on TV who had two false negative tests.

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Petra77 in reply to TeddyC

Really??? When? What channel. I wonder if I can get it on catch up.

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Debs4 in reply to Petra77

I know someone whose friend tested positive for Covid after the symptoms described by yourself. Her senses of smell and taste have still not returned several weeks later.

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Petra77 in reply to Debs4

My test came back negative....... week 17 now going on.....

Loss of sense if taste and smell can be caused by a zinc deficiency. Try taking a supplement for a few weeks. Good luck!

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Petra77 in reply to Jumpybean

Thank you. Just been to Holland & Barrett. Fingers crossed.

I believe I had COVID along with my husband back in February without realising. We also had friends who have experienced the same. We all lost sense of smell and taste and mine still hasn’t returned properly. Can’t smell my lovely washing powder any more or even bleach, but I can smell certain foods and products. It’s weird. I’m hoping it’ll come back at some point but it’s been a while with us too! 🤔

I always have hi my taste in mouth due to asthma powder medication

I suspect you probably had Covid but received a false negative, sometimes it depends when you have the test verse symptoms showing and sometimes it’s just that they test is very unreliable. I tested positive 2 months ago havinglost all sense of taste and smell. The taste has mostly returned however the sense of smell it’s very hit and miss, sometimes I can smell a bit, other times nothing. Unfortunately I don’t think there is any medical advice on how long this could take or if it will return fully. But I could be worth getting in contact with your doctor. They might be able to get you an antibody test which should show if you have the antibodies to fight Covid.... if you then you have had it, or they can rule out other things that can cause this.

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