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Horrible Ovarian Cyst Pain


I went to the ER yesterday and was diagnosed with two small ovarian cysts. I can't ever remember being in that kind of excruciating pain before in my life. Ive had painful periods for years and nothing touched that kind of agony. I was literally sobbing on the table. They gave me one ultrcet before I left. Then they sent me away with a prescription for 600mg ibuprofen which has done nothing.

I spoke to my OBGYN and she offered the same thing, ibuprofen. Today I am still in excruciating pain, the ibuprofen hasn't helped at all. I'm bleeding heavily like I do on my period, with lots of "clotting". I have suffered from painful, heavy periods for about 7 years.

This past May my OBGYN did a hysteroscopy D&C; and removed a polyp, and then started me on the birth control, Junel Fe. I feel like no one is taking me seriously when I tell them I'm in awful pain. I feel like the pain from these cysts is going to make me lose my mind.

I've only been on the BC for two months, but right now I'm bleeding like a normal period. I'll have 9 scale pain for like an hour, it will dial back to maybe a 7 and then I notice I have lots of "clots" in my bleeding. Is this normal on BC? During the cramping period the cysts must be getting pressed or something because it's an awful stabbing pain. And no one will actually give me anything to help manage it. I'm so frustrated.

Any thoughts on what to do? I've tried a heating pad and it helps very little.

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I have been in your shoes. When I was in my late 30’s I had horrible cramps and periods. My Dr did the ablation surgery and that helped for about a year. I started with the same symptoms and we decided to do a hysterectomy. When the surgery was over, the Dr. said I was full of endometriosis. I no longer have the pains of womanhood.

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I know they'll probably fight me on it, because I'm 32 with no children. But if they can't get this under control a hysterectomy is the next step.

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