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Is this normal


I’ve had heavy periods since i first started but as I’ve got older they have changed a lot. I’ve started getting shorter lighter periods. I used have them for 5-6 days now it’s like 3-5days abs starts different times of months. I’ve now started to get pms like sore and heavy boobs, cramps and recently vomitting and nausea. Ive also started having frequent heartburn and migraine which I never used to have. I’m type 2 diabetic and I’m on slow releasing metformin tablets. I’m not sexual active so pregnancy is out of the question.

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Periods do change with time. Initially it takes a few years to settle down into "normal", but mine changed again recently (late 20s).

You might find magnesium supplements help ease your symptoms. There are different ones out there for different things - I take magnesium citrate. Make sure to buy a decent quality one though, poor quality ones don't absorb well in the body. Take it every night before bed, and it'll help you sleep too.


The side effects of slow release Metformin could be causing some of your symptoms. Maybe speak to your GP 🤔 xB

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