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Blood in urine


Hi all, I am 60 this month, I went for a check up with the nurse as I was a new patient.

On the dip stick test, she said there was blood in my urine, and that it is most likely a UTI infection?

She asked me about discomfort or pain or about me not feeling well, I told her I feel the same as always, that I don’t feel pain or anything, she seemed to think I should be having discomfort when going for a pee? but I wasnt.

I was going away so I was prescribed a 3 day course of AB I never take meds if I can help it. After the meds I just felt the same as prior to the meds.

I have got to go back with a second urine sample, which I intend to do this week.

Would they have sent my first sample off for a diagnosis? and if there was a problem would they have contacted me?

It’s a month since the blood was found in my urine, and since I had the course of AB.

I have not deterred going back with my fresh urine sample, I was away for 2 weeks and as I am a carer for 2 I finally have a slot to take a sample to the doctors this week.

Surely if there was a problem they would of contacted me? But I also realised it needs to be rechecked to see if it’s cleared up, I am really worried that it may have been untreated for a long time and if it could spread to my stomach which is always bloated when I drink or eat, any opinions greatly appreciated xxx

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🙂 UTIs are usually quite unpleasant and painful, at least that’s been my experience. Finding traces of blood in urine isn’t always a cause for concern, but it could be related to various things. It’s likely that you would have been contacted by your Doctor by now if anything untoward had been found in the initial sample. But do go back with the second sample. Why not make an appointment with your Doctor to discuss your concerns, it would be much better to have your mind put at rest, rather than continuing to worry 🤔 xB

Thank you for your reply I am doing just that x

I had blood in my urine (no stinging on peeing) and was given antibiotics. I have had cystitis and kidney infections on numerous occasions and the AB usually clear them up. This time I felt awful, so bad I went to the walk-in centre. She checked the computer and it said I "didn't" have an infection so was given the AB in error. She said it may be kidney stones and to follow it up. She turned out to be quite correct. I had it removed and am fine now.

What this taught me is: when we ring up for results and they come back "clear, nothing abnormal found" - is not always a good thing - because there was a problem, but they were thinking they were treating another problem.... so please chase it up.

I had no other symptoms either - luckily - kidney stones are notoriusly painful!

Good luck


Thanks for your reply, could I ask you if your urine was checked by routine test with nurse? I.e. by putting the paper test stick in your sample? Or did you go to GP because you were unwell or had problems down below?

I had very visible blood for a second time in 6 months or so. The first time I missed it, as I thought it was my period, second time I only just noticed it again after my period had stopped this time and took in a sample of my pee to my surgery, they tested it and offered me the AB. I am guessing they only dipstick tested it, I wasn't there, I think they rang me back with the results and the prescription - then I felt wrotten on the AB, so went to the walk-in centre, saw a lovely nurse....etc... hope that helps :-)

Thank you for your reply x

I had non visible blood in my urine but with no infection gp referred me as standard procedure...i had an utrasound of my kidneys, blood test and a cystoscopy , results of which all came back negative...some people will have non visible haematuria so dont worry but do get it retested for peace of mind ..

Thanks so much I will x

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