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I’m Nervous & Scared..I would appreciate any advice and help..Thank you in advance!


I’m a 32 year old female about 5’2 I am a big girl..and on Father’s Day 2018 while exiting the shower I noticed that my right side (under my bra line) was staring to swell. At first I thought oh maybe it’s just back fat? For a couple of months I was wearing my sports bra to sleep as that’s mainly all I wear because I am a stay at home spouse (corgi mom). I thought oh maybe it’s just back fat and I’m just being paranoid but I was keeping an eye on it and it seems to be getting rounder and bulging out more than my left side. I currently have no insurance. (I sort of do I have the community insurance) which I will be calling in the morning as my new card just arrived yesterday and I am not able to long in to my old account because everything has changed. My spouse just started a new career and is currently still under probation period and because he is working for the government his probation period is longer than usual. I’m scared and worried that this could be cancer as there is a history of thyroid and breast cancer in my family. My spouse says I shouldn’t worry too much..but my brother just recovered from testicular cancer a few months ago so I am super aware of my body and looking for things and or feelings that may not be normal. I also have slight pain on the back of my right shoulder. My spouse says I probably slept wrong on it as I am a crazy sleeper. I can’t help to feel scared and nervous. Someone please help. There is no pain just feels a little tender on the inside sometimes not all the time...sorry if this post is all over the place..this is my first post.

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If you were in the UK, it would be an easy matter to get peace of mind by making an appointment with a GP or Practice Nurse. But I’m guessing you live somewhere else 🤔 Bearing in mind what you said about ‘being a big girl’ some women do have problems with back pain etc because of the weight of big breasts. And, a sports bra could be pressing on soft tissue causing soreness and swelling. A few years ago I found a Breast lump, so I know how scary this sort of thing is. But a swelling could be related to anything, not necessarily something that needs medical intervention. Obviously this is going to prey on your mind until you get a definite answer... Try wearing something with less support in bed, and if the problem continues make an appointment with a Doctor 🙂xB

I really appreciate your response ❤ yes haha I am indeed in the US. I've actually started wearing tank tops with less stress around the bra line...its helpful to know that my sports bra was probably the problem. I will keep updated once we figure out what's going on. My significant other schedule changes today so we have to work around it. I should also mention I'm extremely gassy... I've been belching and passing gas a lot nore than usual and feel as if there is air in my chest. I just had a cup of ginger tea to see if that helps. Hopefully something helps to alleviate my anxiety. I hate feeling this way 😣 thank you so much!🙏you're very sweet and helpful❤

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