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Prevent UTI?

So everything I have intercourse with my boyfriend I always get them even though I do all the prevent by going to bathroom and take cranberry pills. I was wondering other ways and I heard that there an antibiotics to prevent bladder infection. Could any one tell me what this pill is?

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Hello! Very sorry to hear that you get loads of uti, I had it once and just thought I would die... it hurted more than having my baby... my doctor just told me to be extra careful, always be clean in there, to have my partner with washed hands and lower parts when we are going to have sex, to drink lots of water. I was treated with amoxicillin but I think that's when is more severe... don't think there's a recurrent pill you can take to prevent, but ask your doctor next time you have one if you ever do again..

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My friend suffers from this - it's called honeymoon cystitis. I was told it can be helped by taking a mild antibiotic before sex, but that you will eventually get used to him and stop getting them.


That is a very old fashioned term. ;-) Some women are prone to easily getting a UTI after sex. If it truly is a urinary tract infection, no, you don't just get used to him and no you don't just stop getting UTI's. UTI's are very uncomfortable and very serious. They do not just clear on their own. Left untreated, they can quickly become kidney infections. People can die from kidney infections, so a UTI is not something anyone should ever ignore. Men get them too, just not as commonly as women.


Hi Sncooljay3. If you think you have a bladder infection, you need a urinalysis. If the test is positive, the bacteria will be cultured to determine bacterial count and to see which antibiotics the bacteria responds to. You do not want this to go untreated because you can end up with a kidney infection. Taking the wrong antibiotic can create antibiotic resistance or leave you with an untreated infection, so taking a random antibiotic is not always the answer either.

D-Mannose is a sugar than can help prevent UTI's by preventing bacteria from attaching to the urethra and bladder lining. Powder or pills can be purchased at your local health store or online. The second article recommends only using powder. Personally, I have pills.


Information about treatment and dosage:



E. coli is the most common the bacteria that causes a UTI. We all know where that bacteria live, right? ;-) In women who are prone to getting a UTI, cleanliness is imperative. Make sure you're clean before sex. Don't let the man accidentally brush a certain oops area and then enter you. Not only can this lead to a UTI, but this can also lead to a bacterial vaginal infections. Avoid positions where the man could be displacing bacteria towards your urethra to help prevent a UTI. Always get up and urinate immediately after sex. Be sure to keep yourself clean. Drink lots of water to keep urine passing through. If you feel bladder irritation, do not wait to long to seek medical treatment.


I used to get this every time too my doctors have messed about with my pill and everything. In the end told me to go to the toilet afterwards. Drink plenty and have a shower making sure i clean in the vagina doesnt sound nice but 8 time out of 10 it helped


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