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UTI Cured By Herbs

I'm a 37 y.o. female. I know some of you here are suffering from annoying diseases, I want to share my story to make you feel encouraged. I diagnosed with UTI for about 3 years. The symptoms keep coming and going, I have to live with that day after day. It's so awkward to urinate frequent in public and at work. During the urination, there was pain and burning in my urethra. It's really bad experiences. I kept drinking cranberry juice every day to relieve the symptoms and prevent a new infection. But it seemed helpless. By chance, I found a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it's natural without any side effects. So I decided to give it a try. By taking this medicine for one month, the frequent urination was reduced. i continued taking it and hoped it can cure my condition fully. Luckily, all my symptoms disappeared completely after 4 months medication. The curative effect is great.

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Really Happy for you becky13, Thank you for sharing your story .


You're welcome. I'm so happy to share my story here with all of you.


Were you tested for Iintersestinal Cystitis? It's the inflamation of the bladder because the lining of your bladder kind of breaks down which causes the urine to hit your nerves or muscles causing inflamation and pain.

One of the main symptoms is a UTI that isn't cured with antibiotics.

It's great you found something to cure it!

If you thinks it's IC try to eliminate acidic foods and see how you feel.

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interstitial cystitis is what I was diagnosed with but I found a cure without intervention from the doctors. 😊


I too suffer with UTI's, cystitis etc, & I discovered waterfall D-mannose which is a diuretic & now I keep them with me all the time, just in case I get that familiar feeling I take 2-3 every 3hrs for a day, & it goes, no reason to take antibiotics etc. They are my life line only you can't buy them in our local herbal shops they are only bought on line..


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