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Healthy eating

I spoke to my friend right now and apparently all fizzy drinks are bad for me including fizzy water, I am going shopping tomorrow and I need ideas on what to buy, I basically snack on sugar,today I ate four bags of crisps and all of a whole package of custard creams and ginger nuts and I ate two packs of sweets and a bar of chocolate and I also ate a chicken Kiev and garlic bread three slices of it,I need some advice on how much I eat and how to control my eating habits and do I skip meals every day or what?

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Google healthy eating and work out what suits you.

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How does that help

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All the info you need is online so you can learn what's healthy and what isn't. Here's one site for starters

Hi. Good for you for being concerned about your diet and posting questions about healthy eating! Everyone one is these days because we all want to keep illness at bay and be able to live life to it's fullest! :-)

Yes, carbonated drinks are bad for you. So is sugar and all types of processed foods. Processed foods are the types that are boxed and bagged, and contain all sorts of chemicals and really bad ingredients. Crisps, all sugar products, custard creams, ginger nuts, packages of sweets, chocolate bars...those are all processed. That's great that you realized this is not a good diet and you are looking to improve your diet and your health.

No, please do not skip meals. That is totally not the answer and will lead to binge-eating (starving oneself, then going hog wild and eating everything in site). Are you familiar with food groups? Vegetables, fruits, proteins, starches, fats? In general, the rule of thumb is that a balanced diet should be primarily vegetables, a good helping of lean protein, some starches, some healthy fats, and not a lot of fruit. There are slight variations to this, but this is the basic rule of thumb. How many calories you eat depends upon your height, weight, and level of activity and if your goal is to loose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or maintain your weight. Here is a random article about some basics for calorie requirements:

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