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Difficulty getting pregnant after Depot shots

Hi everyone. I am new here and my name is Jane. I don't know what to make out of my present situation. I have always thought that family planning is a good tool for couples who ain't ready for a baby to engage in. My experience so far is beginning to make me think otherwise.

OK, I am a mother of a lovely twin girls, I had them three years back in 2015. After weaning, I and my husband decided to go for depot shot so we can have ample time to take care of the girls and prepare for another baby. Now it is three years already, and I stopped the shots 6 months ago, but my menstral cycle is yet to become regular.

I understand it takes a while before things get normal, but I feel it is taking too long. I want a baby boy, so I will need to know when I am ovulating so it would be easier to plan. Now everything is so messed up, periods ain't regular, and I don't want to get pregnant unawares. What do I do? How do I know when I am ovulating, are thee other methods I can use?

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You can buy ovulation kits, download fertility apps, and check your discharge. When it's clear and like a river that usually means you're ovulating. The fertility app tells you're ovulating by your basal body temperature and cycle. I came off pill almost a year ago and still no regular periods. However metformin or Clomid may help your ovulation come back. Good luck!


Thanks Clode.

I have been checking my discharge, and they are usually not much, unlike the way it was before the depot shots. It is quite comforting to know I an not alone in this experience.

While I have read several feedbacks on depo shots, I have had it at the back of my mind that my case would be different.

Sadly, it is not. However, about the clomid, I thought it helps in the release of more than one egg such that multiple conception is possible?

I will try that out, I can't just wait endless to have a regular period. Thank you Clode.


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