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Planning a baby, but worried about inherited deseases

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I don’t know if u can help me,but women in my family have always experienced gynecological issues. As I know my mother and grandmother became infertile early. Thanks god, despite this, I have an older sister (30 y.o ). Now she’s trying to conceive. More than 2 years already. She and her husband cannot afford surrogacy. So they are kind of desperate now

I’m not planning a child, but I do want to have a baby and I do understand that my clock is ticking. And, honestly, I'm starting to worry for myself and for the health of my future children. What are ur thoughts?

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If this appeal was dedicated to help your sister – I really don’t know what to say. I suppose as she and her husband are in they already thought over what to do further. Did they apply for any treatment?

The advice shouldn’t be confusing, that’s why I’m trying to be more careful and accurate.

In case you have got issues with fertilization as such you’d better meet a physician (anyway it’s the first thing everybody does when having questions to his body or particularly to his fertility)

That’s rather clear why you have worries but if you’re under the age of 30 you got time enough to try and try without considering ivf, iui and etc.

Specify an issue. It’d be easier for all to answer you if you did.

why couldn't your relatives have children? what was the specific reason?

Dear Rumble-Oldie!

I decided to write a post primarily because of my fear, as I am really disturbed whether I can have children or not. Coz the only thing that I know from my mom that she became infertile at the age of 26. And doctors didn’t make any precise diagnosis. Now I am at her age and I overthink it AF. My sister moved to LA. So I am kinda alone with this issue.

That’s why I decided to go online.

I wish I knew the reason why my sister can’t become pregnant! Luvvy, if I knew a specific reason, I would let you know in my post.

But anyway thank you for your advice!

Hon, u d better NOW consult a gynecologist. If u also have some difficulties try to oocyte cryopreservation. That means u will be able to have a baby in the future anyway.

I am 40, and I regret a lot, that I didn’t do that back in my days. Btw, how old are you now?

And ur sis may find some cheaper variants of IVF somewhere in East Europe. It may be cheaper up to 2 times. Good luck!

True, our family had an experience of Ivf in some Ukrainian clinic, advice your sister to make her own research of this topic. 3 years ago we found out that Ukraine had one of the best quality-price ratio.




my husband have been trying more than a year. I was diagnosed in the UK, but eventually I became a mother in Ukraine. We decided to go there, as it cost us only £25 000. It was a thorny way and I couldn’t handle it alone. My husband helped me a lot in those days. Plus, we found a nice clinic with an agency, which took care of all staff in Ukraine

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