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Newbie needs an advice!!

Hi everyone, My name is Janet and I am new here! I have been reading stories on here and I feel so sad that we have to go through a lot to conceive. However, I'm also glad I can relate to you guys to form a strong support for ourselves.

First, I have been married for seven years, had my first child 6 years ago, after which I used birth control pills for 3 years and a half. Since I stopped the pill, we have been tirelessly trying to conceive, but nothing gives.

I have had 2 IVF sessions done within these years, none successful, and I am about to go for the third with my stimulation beginning in March this year. My husband and I have been praying for this to work, however, we agreed to contact a surrogate agency should it fail.

In the light of this, while my reservations against surrogacy have all being taken away, and my doubts cleared, I still want to know how it feels, has anyone any experience having children through surrogate mothers?

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