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Left forearm numbness and occasional aches

Does anyone else have these issues? My left arm mostly forearm goes numb on and off on sometimes it doesnt happen all the time but when it does it mostly goes away after i have a bowel movement! Ive been to see 2 different cardiologists and had countless ekgs, chest xrays, blood work that they say is normal and that my heart looks good ive also had a stress test done and an echo which also came back normal so they sai these occassional numbness and aches are not related to my heart and that my heart lools great 3 kids later and may i mention i have another on the way and that i also suffer from anxiety disorder and Gerd and ive had constipation problems the whole 29 years of my life tmi i know but just trying to find help! & to be told my heart is healthy i still panic and think its my heart!

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I think I've answered this somewhere else?

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I had a tingly feeling on my limbs and some chest pain. I got all kids of tests for my heart and it seemed all good. The only thing they found through bloodwork is that I have high cholesterol. Make sure you got your bloodwork complete. And avoid salty things, you might be retaining water and that might make you swell or feel a little numb. Take vitamin B12 it helps with blood circulation.

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