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Do I have normal boobs

Picture below (side view of my boob), I colored out my room just in case someone i know in real life sees this lol. So I’m 17, and my boobs are like cones. I wear a b cup because a cups are too small but I don’t fill in the cup entirely but if I wear an a cup I spill out. I’m hoping I grow out of it but what do you guys think? Is that a possibility? Cause my nipples freak me out and the cone shape makes it much worse. Don’t try to not hurt my feelings lol, I understand that they’re weird af

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You don’t have to worry about anything. There are some people that have the same problem. Have you seen your doctor about this issue?

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I have not. I have a gyno app for a uterine issue I’m having but I wasn’t sure if I should ask. I honestly don’t want to show her cause I’m embarrassed lol. I’m just hoping I’ll grow out of this when I’m finished with puberty entirely. :(

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Ask your doctor and it’s going to be okay. My doctor always has questions for me when I go for the appointment once a year.

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Hey so i reallt wouldn’t say it’s a problem :) people just look differently, I mean imagine a world where we al looked the same right?😂 Differences is good. Don’t say it’s and “issue” when you know it’s just someone /people looking a little different then the norm. Thanks.

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Give it time they will sag,,, when young breasts are pert, (to use an old-fashioned phrase)

Bra styles to vary, get round the shops to find what suits you, the comfy soft style might do better, as they rely on elasticated material to get a fit.

Try not to be too concerned.

many older women would envy you having such breasts.

bra wise. M n S used to do a range called 'angels'.

your breasts will change continuously through your life.

This days if women really want to, they have the opportunity to have private cosmetic surgery. but give it time.

ive worked as a breastfeeding consultant, and you will feed wonderfully with your boobs. R

My boobs look EXACTLY like this, looking at this is like looking into a mirror. I have no idea what to do about this problem and I hate my boobs so much I was wondering if you’ve found out anymore about this x

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Hey girl, they haven’t really changed honestly... I’m a little more confident with them though. The guys I’ve been with have never said anything bad about them, and my boyfriend loves them. I still wish they didn’t look like this, but unfortunately they do :(

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Hey, I'm about to be 28 and my breasts have ALWAYS looked like this. It's normal, there is nothing wrong with you. you just have "puffy" nipples and a tuberous shape that comes forward instead of pointing straight down. as someone else said on here, there are people that envy that they're so "perky" lol. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and any potential partner who'd judge you for them anyway is an idiot and doesn't deserve you or your body!! That being said, I still have to work on not being self conscious of them because you see all these bra adverts or even close friends with what media portrays as "more normal" boobs. You are beautiful! and you won't have to think about the issue of "sagging" as others may worry about. But if youre young there is still a chance they may change.

Same I hate mine so much my gf loves them but I just don’t like them they look disgusting to me and I’ve cried over them to many times to count my own family makes fun of them it’s not that great...

Hey so I’m actually 16, puberty came very early for me haha. First of all, girl nothing is wrong with you boobies they are beautiful and very normal. Second of all so I am a C cup, but when I had b cup mine looked exactly like this! Like the other girl said it is almost like looking in the mirror. Now mine are (what I think lol) normal. In other words they are not as “cones” anymore haha. So listen I really just think it has to do with time and yeah.

Sometimes mine looks a little like this still when I’m like warm / just not cold because when our boobies are warm/hot they get a little swollen and the nipple goes in. So that might also be why they look like cones. Girl don’t worry you are beautiful.

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Thank you for being honest with us about your age. Everyone is different when it comes to women’s health issues.

Hi not sure if this will help! But I remember being about 13 and my Boobies looking like this! It’s perfectly normal you’re growing. Boobs always come in different shapes and etc x

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What age did they change for you x

Hi! I have exactly these boobs, too! and I just found out that these are called Tubular Breasts Deformity TBD. I’ve always wondered why my boobs were a weird shape and now I have an answer. I was pretty scared and acually cried because I thought it would have complications. I read about it more and just saw that future problems would be breastfeeding but it can still be helped once it happens already. Other than that, its not a health risk at all! But tbh, i dont know if I should be happy or not that I finally found an answer to my weird shaped breasts. Anyway, you can go and search TBD for more info and we are completely normal!😍😉

I’m 16 years old and puberty (boobs especially) hit me about 3 years ago and mine still look like this, I’m usually self conscious about them and still hoping they’ll change

Did they change x

Hey, okay, mine look pretty much like that as well, and I've had a guy tell me they're pretty weird (who was my boyfriend at that time), and I've never been w anyone since then and this had slipped off my mind. Recently decided to get back out there, and one guy I used to sort of like told me he wants to get to know me, and now it's all coming back. I'd add a picture on here, but idk how to. These comments under your post sort of helped, so yea. You ain't alone, sis.

Every boob is different, literally my left boob is different to my right boob, never mind being different to everyone else's boobs! Honestly I don't think you need to worry.

This is what I call a social programming issue. We are bombarded with airbrushed images of surgically enhanced women who have been manipulated to fit a stereotyped image of "perfection" and this has programmed our brains to believe that this is what we are meant to look like. The fact is this "perfect" body image is unattainable.

Honestly you are perfect as you are. Your boob looks like a perfectly healthy, young woman's breast to me (not that I'm an expert). Look after them. Use moisturiser. Check for skin changes and lumps (and go to the docs if there are) . Go to a good dedicated underwear shop and get properly fitted for bras that give you good support as well as looking pretty. You're good, give yourself a bit of love.

There normal!

People are too concerned about what the other people look like. You have boyfriends that say they are fine why worry? I think the women who have work done on their chest seem to look fake and not normal. Nobody is perfect, I don't care who you are. Love who you are.

Hi, I personally don’t think you have anything to worry about but please do speak to your GP and just be very open and honest about how you’re feeling. My boobs looked exactly like that when I was 17 and I’d say in my mid-late 20s they changed- they’re much fuller now and I’ve grown to love them- breasts are capable of so much, we need to love them and give them credit :) I hope you grow to love them and they will change xx

Hey girl, I’m 19 and mine look the same I think it’s tubular breasts but I’m now sure. I hate mine though so much.

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