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Ovary issues... How likely is ovarian torsion?

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling for the last two days with severe pelvic pain that feels like someone is twisting whatever is in that area. Because it’s so far over to the left, right next to my hip bone, I’m wondering whether it could be an issue with my left ovary.

I had surgery in March 2017 that diagnosed endometriosis. I haven’t had many problems since, however, for the last month or two I have had a lot of issues regarding dull cramps, and this pain in my left hip that was infrequent and not as severe.

Around Saturday afternoon, I got a sudden sharp ache/pain near my left hip bone which doubled me over. I assumed it would pass, like the pain always does, but after a couple of minutes it was still there. I stood up and walked, but every time I moved my left leg the pain got sharper, and since then walking has been really difficult. Actually, any movement has been difficult - moving my leg an inch, changing position sitting down, laying down, walking, standing stationary. It just isn’t going. Hot water bottles usually ease the pains I get but because this pain feels so deep, the heat hasn’t touched it. And nor has painkillers.

I’ve seen my GP this morning about it, who was arranged a CT scan of pelvis and abdomen, but this won’t be for at least four weeks. I can’t see the pain magically going or getting better because it just seems to be getting worse - my whole hip area, including my groin, upper thigh and back - is agonising. I have no idea what it could be... And with A+E departments being so overcrowded and many hospitals saying they’re full to capacity, I’d feel a fraud going because I’m not dying.

Sorry this is so long; it’s hard to explain everything that’s going on in a shorter way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was wondering whether anybody had any similar issues, positive or negative.

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Your GP should be asking for an urgent scan appt but if you are in severe pain go to A&E in case it's something that needs dealing with now.


That’s what I thought re my GP. He’s a good physician but it takes me a while to get anywhere because he never presumes it could be something that needs looking into a bit quicker. The pain is still there today, so it might be a case of having to have it looked into sooner... Thank you for your reply. 😊


I had a twisted ovary 7 years ago and it sounds similar. I had pain on and off for a while (months) but woke up in agony one day and ended up being rushed into hospital and having emergency surgery to remove it. It had twisted and cut off the blood supply to it. Like you I struggled to get an appointment and when I did see a GP I wasn't having the pain that day, so he poked and proded me and told me to take paracetamol if the pain returned!! He didnt even bother refering me for a scan. When the pain did return even morphine couldnt stop it!! I was writhing in agony and couldnt stand. My advice would be not to hesitate to take yourself to a and e if you experience it again and a) it's persistent and b) getting worse over the course of a couple of hours. Hope that's helpful and hope you get sorted soon!


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