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Mental health platform(worth the read)

My name is Mia Johnson and i have suffered from anxiety and depression for several years now and it all started my sophomore year of high school. I felt alone and the old ball out. I was never “popular” and i was always known as the “weird kid”. I just like to have fun and not be afraid to show my personality to everyone. I am currently a sophomore in college and i now have an emotional support dog. Her name is Bonnie and i love her so much! Honestly she has helped me cope with my conditions a lot. Being in college makes it a lot harder for me to handle my anxiety especially. So many things due at certain deadlines has really stressed me to the max. I decided to enter the pageant here at my college. I am doing this for myself because i feel like if i do this it could really pump up my self esteem and my confidence and hopefully combat most of my anxiety. It will be stressful but once i get on that stage i know i will start rocking it. The pageant is part of the Miss America Organization therefore we are required to have a platform. I chose “End the Stigma: Mental Health Awareness” i want everyone to realize this is not something we can avoid or try to stigmatize. This is real life. Everyone focuses so much on trying to end suicides when really we need to take it further back and help people with mental disorders cope with it so it doesnt get to the point of suicide and stop trying to make the people who have these disorders or people that try to commit suicide the bad guys.

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