Cystitis for more than 3 years

I'm a 32 years old female. I have cystitis for more than 3 years. The urinary disorders have always made me embarrassed. It's so awkward to urinate frequently in public places. Antibiotics can't stop the infection but causes kidney diseases to me. In order to get rid of the condition soon, I drink a lot of water every day and urinate whenever I have an urge to go. I also stay away from foods that can make my condition worse. But these can only relieve the symptoms. Is anyone here know how to get rid of cystitis completely?

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  • Have you tried cranberry juice? The strongest concentration you can find. Also, what does your doctor or chemist say?

  • I've tried cranberry juice but it's useless. My doctor had no idea why it's difficult to cure. He recommended me taking alternative medicine. I'm taking an alternative medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill now. It's said that it's efficient. Hope it really helps.

  • I take cranberry 10,000 complex capsules from the health store. When I feel it coming on I take two but this is rare nowadays. It's the only thing that works. Lots of fluids also.

    Take one a day as a preventive rather than a cure. Good luck!

  • I've tried that but it made me feel the frequent urination was worse. I'm taking an alternative medicine now. Thanks anyway.

  • I too suffer with cystitis & urinary tract infections which cause kidney infections, I am now allergic to penicillin & some antibiotics. I discovered a non abrasive medication on a website called sweet cures & the use of waterfall D-mannose sachets or tablets, I use the tablets, they are superb if you use them as soon as you feel the twinge of cystitis & do what it says on the website, I can assure you the cystitis will clear up quickly & efficiently without the use of antibiotics. I rarely get it now unless I've had a bad illness or I'm run down, but I always keep the tabs with me when I'm out just in case. Try them you won't be disappointed. Good luck 😉

  • Thank you for your advice. So happy to hear you rarely get it now. I'm taking a herbal medication now. If it's useless, I'll try what you told me.

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