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Irregular periods

Hi, I’m new here.

I’m 39 years old and at the start of this year I started having irregular periods...every 2 weeks. It lasted for about 3 months then went back to normal (normal is 21-26 days).

I had hormone tests, a pelvic scan and a hysteroscopy, everything was ok.

Now it’s started again and I’m worrying yet again that something is wrong.

Just looking for any suggestions or reassurance from anyone that has been through something similar.

Thanks, EJ x

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I have irregular periods, I am 28 I was put on the combined pill 7 years ago but I still miss a period and then basically get two periods the next month. If you went Doctors and everything was ok it prob is this time but if worried pop back to your doctors and ask again for more tests for reassurance.

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Hi, stress can also be an issue and that won't be picked up by any tests. But you should probably go back to your doctors for more investigations and maybe a female health specialists.




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