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Constant bleeding

In February I had a novasure endometrial ablation. At the time my periods were heavy but regular and no spotting between periods. Since the op I have had spotting every few days and still regular heavy periods. The spotting has now got worse and is more like a continuous period. I was having the spotting for about 3 days then 2 days without then another 3 days of spotting but now it is more like a period that lasts the whole month. I am also feeling severely anaemic (blood test next week) with dizziness, fatigue, painful heavy arms and legs, sore mouth, cracked corners of my mouth, headaches, tight chest, pins and needles and tinnitus. Today I was told I will have to wait until at least January to see a gynaecologist. The gp has put me on the mini pill but that seems to have worsened the issue. I am trying to revise for exams and am feeling very unwell so it is affecting my studies. I have had enough now as 8 months of bleeding is getting me down. I think I just want a hysterectomy now to be sure the problem is dealt with. I am beginning to wonder if there is something serious going on. I have lost 2 stone in the last 6 months but have been trying to lose weight (healthily so I eat a well balanced diet) but now I wonder if the weight loss is a sign of something worse too, rather than a success for my attempts to lose it. I already have b12 and folate deficiency and am treated for those. I am on antidepressants and beta blockers and know that can disrupt periods but I was on them long before my ablation without side effects. Anyone else had similar problems following an ablation?

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Yesterday I was really unwell with my anaemia - tight chest, discomfort in the chest, shallow breathing, dizziness was worse. My partner thought he was going to have to take me to hospital. I feel better today but still feeling the anaemia symptoms.


I have been told it will be at least January before I get an initial appt with my gynaecologist. What worries me is the GP has done absolutely no tests. She says I am a routine referral as it is just a failed ablation. How does she know that for sure? I asked for transvaginal scan or something but she refused. These are new symptoms since having the ablation, not a continuation of symptoms. She says my wgt loss (31.5 pounds) is down to walking and she is possibly right but she cannot possibly know for sure and it has happened far more easily than it usually is. How can a GP say this is routine without touching you at all or sending you for tests? I am worried and the bleeding keeps alternating between brown spotting and bright red bleeding and I am now having mild period pains everyday of the week, sharp pains in the top of my vagina and what feels lke pain in 1 or the other ovary. For saying she was not impressed at uni''s disregard for my concerns back in april and put me on the sick for 6 months, now she is the one not taking my concerns seriously. Women hate examinations down there so would I be asking if not concerned?


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