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Peri menopause? And low back pain

Hi there,

Long shot but here goes.... I've suffered back pain for a few months now, doctors say it's just muscle spasms and my core is not conditioned, pain bought on more by running! However I'm displaying other symptoms like peri menopause, so I wanted to know if anyone with everyday back pain was going through the same and are they linked? Thank you.

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Hi, I realise this is an old post but how did you get on with this? I too suffer from mild lower back pain/discomfort and was told the same . As for runnung, I feel mine for the first few mins but then it actually gets better.

I did however find out I have a cervix pointing backwards and some readers on the internet suggested that this could also be causing it.


Thank you, I had a MRI that come back as disc degeneration. 😪 But I do think a lot of the pain is in my head lol...as if I'm concentrate on things it don't hurt.


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