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Thank god

I'm just going to say this if u ever feel like something isn't right with ur body get in asap I did last night cuz I was having really bad chest pain so they did the heart monitor and blood work a lot of it and also X-rays and the found a blood clot in between my lungs and heart!! Always listen to what ur body is telling u is wrong!! See a doctor if u ever have bad chest pain cuz it could be not just a panic attack!! Pls and by the way I was told I have depression and panic disorder and that is what my hubby thought I was in for cuz he thought I was just having a panic attack!! Always know if ur body is saying something just doesn't feel get see a doctor and ask for all the right tests!!

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Thanks for advice hope your feeling better soon

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Feel better soon Chrissy!!


Thanks so much ffor the advice, but what doctor should I go see?? I went with my primary doctor for a yearly check up.. everything normal. And I told her that Ive been having chest pains, she said uts just the depression. I was like ok then. But its when you know something is wrong, "its cuz something is wrong"..


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