Latest test result are in.... now which direction??? Any help ??

Hi All,

Just had my latest Saliva test results in

Estradiol 6.1 pg/ml (Range 0.5-1.7 pg/ml (optimal 1.3-1.7)

Progesterone 1133 pg/ml (Range 200-3000 pg/ml Topical )

Testosterone 91 pg/ml (Range 16-55 age dependent)

Estriol 841 pg/ml (Range 10-200 pg/ml topical)

Progesterone / Estradiol ratio 186 pg/ml (Range 100-500 when E2 is 1.3-3.3 pg/ml)

For info i am post hysterectomy with both ovaries removed at the same time 12 yrs ago... Have recently been on Estrogel 8 weeks ago... but came off 3.5 weeks ago..

Current on 2.5 mg Testim gel, 30 mg Natural Progesterone and 0.75 mg Estriol cream per day....

Feeling really bad , no wonder looking at the above...

It seems my Estrogens and Testosterone are high....

Thinking of reducing the Testosterone gel and taking every other day to bring the levels down but still have some in my system

Reducing the Estriol to 0.5 mg every other day ...

Taking DIM to lower the excess estrogens....

Keeping the Progesterone the same.....

Anyone help with any other thoughts the direction i should go.... as at the end of my tether !!!! and getting married in 4 weeks... so need to get to some sanity otherwise will be on the AD's for the day

Big Hugs