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Abdominal pain, is it all in my head?


I was wondering if anyone could help me I have experience pain I think were is my appendix for over a year now, it's stabbing pain and feels like something is going to burst, I have been back and forth to doctors and said it was nothing I have had blood test which came back borderline swollen but then nothing happened, I take mitraziphine tablets and don't know if they are to high as I have nightmare verynight I have been on these tablets for six month now, so I'm not sure if it's all in my head.

Thank you


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Totally nesting here, too! The most difficult thing is trying not to pull the hubby into the nesting. He's not worried about getting everything done now since we have time... but for some reason I have a NEED to clean the closet out NOW. Thanks for your concern about my sinus/ear infections. I've been off antibiotics for a week now, but I feel like the ear still has something going on. Heading to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully have everything figured out. New symptom alert: insomnia. When I get up to tinkle at night, I can't go back to sleep for hours. Do you ladies have that?


From what I've read (although all situations are unique), the majority of women from North America going to India for their DEs go for the procedure and then return home to give birth. The draw is the cheaper prices. Very few women remain in India for nine months. Just not practical, really.


Happy weekend, everyone! Can you believe summer is about to end already. Guess time flies when you're having fun and having the time of your life.


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