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dizzy and out of it

For the past six months on and off I have been feeling dizzy and not quite with it, as though my eyes and brain are lagging in some way. I happens worse from time to time and sometimes I feel okay. I have had a blood test to see if my iron levels were low but that came back fine. I do though take a natural iron supplement on my particularly bad days and that helps. The doctor did a vertigo test on me a couple of months back and she said I had very mild vertigo in one ear and ever since then my symptoms eased up a little but it's still there. I feel like I can't move my head quickly or I will get too dizzy (well it's not full on dizzy but instead it seems like my eyes move quicker than what my brain sees, my brain has to catch up). I don't drink as much water as I should but I feel like that's not the problem. I am on the Chelsea/Brenda 35-ED birth control pill for acne and I used to take doxycycline for 6 wks for acne until I stopped because I thought that was causing the symptoms. Now, 6 months later I still get them. Could it possibly be my pill? I also get a headache once a day, not very bad but from someone who never experienced headaches ever this is out of the ordinary. I got my eyes tested for glasses and turned out I need them when I'm reading, I got them tested because I thought it was a factor but I don't think it is. Can anyone help me with this?

ps I am 18 years old

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Hi I get like this when I am particulaly stressed and my vision also gets affected I think my brain goes into lockdown in this fast and furious world we live in. I am 49 and take levothyroxine for low thyroid function. You are very young to be feeling this way. Hope you get some answers soon. x


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