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Big question

Hi I'm 16 from Manchester and I'm concerned about my period. It's been coming later and later since I've become worse with my possible bipolar disorder (I'm trying to get medical help but so far I'm going nowhere). I've not had my period for just over a month and I'm starting to worry, is this because of the "bipolar"? I usually have my period at the same time as my friend, she had hers towards the end of last month but I haven't started yet. I don't want to tell my parents because I have no trust in them especially about my health and they don't know I think I have bipolar...

Does anyone know what to do?

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Hi Inbana, have you tried to talk with your doctor? He or she might well be able to advise you.when I was your age my periods changed from every 5 weeks to every 3 weeks

Hope you get some answers and advise from the doctor.


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