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Any tips for period pain?

Hi everyone, I've been a member of this community for a while but never posted. Just wondering does anyone have any advice on what to do to help ease period cramps. I'm 22 and I've suffered with extremely painful period cramps since I first got my period aged 11. I'm currently taking the pill and that hasn't seemed to ease the pain, I've took all sorts of painkillers used heat packs and pads but nothing shifts it. I've spoken to my doctor and they just keep saying take paracetamol and ibruprophen.

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Hello 😁

I've been taking a tablet from my doctor called mefenamic acid. It's a non streroidal anti inflammatory. I take it 2-3 days before my period is due. I find it very helpful.

I'm surprised they haven't tried it for you, as long as you can take it, which your doctor would know - if it's suitable for you.

Another option is cocodamol, either over the counter or prescribed; I have it prescribed as mine are a bit stronger than OTC ones.

You can also get nurofenPlus, which is ibuprofen plus codeine, again available over the counter in the UK.

Another option is ibuprofen lysine. It's a bit more effective than standard ibuprofen, I don't know how though.

I'm not medically qualified, I've just suffered since I was 19 and I'm 37 now so have a fair amount of experience on period issues.

Another option is to try another pill?

Hope you get some relief.

I will add though, go back to your doctor and tell them normal painkillers are not strong enough. And you would like to try or need something stronger.

Sometimes, we do have to be assertive with our Gp's.

Best of luck 💗

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They gave me that. And it worked the first few times I took it but then they never gave me anymore.

I'm at the clinic tomorrow so I'll ask the nurse and see what she can suggest me to do next. I was thinking about changing my birth control completely so I'll see what she says when I'm there tomorrow evening

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That's a good id s jetstar21.

Ask for the mefenamic acid again if it helps and ask for to be put on repeat prescription. Obviously yourbperiods are ongoing.

As for birth control, I found a combined pill called Yasmin very good. Excellent in fact until I got to 35, then it didn't agree with me.

It was good for my PMS and it's licensed for this too.

I think it may need prescribing by you GP though. Mine had to be as it's an expensive pill, so family planning don't tend to give it out. Think here's a generic version now.

There are risks and benefits to Yasmin. So research it first.

Also, maybe trying a progestogen only pill may help too.

Good luck, let us know how you get on 👍🏽😉💗

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It did help but not for long, it was like I got used to it and it wasn't as effective. Yeah they are I've suffered for 11 years now I'm at my whits end because of the pain.

I'll ask about that when I go to the clinic tomorrow. They did mention changing my pill if I wanted to, but I wasn't sure about it as my body would have to get used to a new pill again and I have some important events coming up soon so I didn't want to have to go through that with those on the horizon.

I'll look into it and see if it would work for me, and the progestogen only to see if that would work too

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When I was at the clinic yesterday the nurse changed my pill to a more modern one, she said the one I was taking was quite old now and that might be the problem, so fingers crossed this one works

I really find ibuprofen gel massaged deep into my belly helps! Also sometimes I use a tens machine which you can buy at most pharmacies. I've always been on strong painkillers like cocodamol and tramadol for bad joints so that's always taken the edge off. Hope this helps xxx

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I've heard about the gel I'll have to get some. And I was going to get a tens machine to see if that would work I just don't want to pay all that money for it not to work. I found some strong parasetamol so hopefully they should work. Thank you xxx

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What do you mean strong paracetamol? Paracetamol with caffeine? That may help.

Tens may do too but you've got the inconvenience of lugging itnaround.

Paracetamol is no where near as strong as mefenamic acid. But if it helps good luck. 💗👍🏽

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I think Tesco pharmacy allow you to rent a tens machine xx

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Ah I didn't know that, I'll have to ask about it, tbh though some tens machines are so small now days they don't get in the way much xx

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Mines tiny I tuck it into the pocket in my jeans x

I found the ladycare magnet worked for me, it attaches to your underwear and is available in Boots although I got mine from Avon years ago. x

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I remember seeing those in Avon when I was younger (my mums an avon rep) I'll have to pop into boots tomorrow morning and see if they have any. I'll try anything x

Jogging worked for me, when I took up jogging the cramps disappeared, and before that i used to collapse and even pass out with the pain. I had ponstan but it wasn't preventative like the exercise was. I have also heard the same about swimming. I'm not the athletic type so we're just talking about a simple half hour jog. Also having a baby really stretches those muscles and stopped them cramping.

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I used to swim regularly, but the pool I used to swim at was that cold the water made the cramps worse. I might try going for a walk in the sunshine later today, I have bad hips so I have to be careful with exercise but I know walking and swimming are okay because they're low impact

I wouldn't start exercising when you've actually got cramps, it's more a question of regular exercise that gets the blood flowing to the muscles and prevents the cramping from even starting. It's an ongoing thing not a quick fix. Watch your hips, could you do sit ups? You need to get slightly out of breath so that the heart rate is raised and the blood vessels dilate through out your body.

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Yeah I could but I can only do about 5. I used to have an exercise bike which I could use for hours and get really out of breath but it broke so I had to get rid. I've started taking a new pill so I'm hoping that will help me, if not I'm going back to the doctors for more tests to get to the bottom of this, but I will start to do some exercise regularly to see if that helps also.

I would recommend a good quality magnesium supplement. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and helps ease the pain. It will also help you sleep. Menstrual cramps occur because we don't have sufficient amount of a certain type of prostaglandins. I'd also recommend a MyFLO period app. You enter your daily symptoms and it gives you an explanation and solution for your problems.

The other thing that helps is 1000mg of evening primrose oil each day during your period. I find this massively helps and it also improves your skin. Drugs have never worked for me and only cause side effects. In fact the pill is prescribed more for period problems than contraception. Natural and effective remedies are far better and effective 😉

Evening primrose oil needs to be taken throughout the month to have any benefit. I take it.

There is only clinical evidence for evening primrose oil helping breast pain, nothing else I'm afraid. But I take it for my skin, I'm hoping it may help even out my skin.

Serendipitous- I was told by a gynaecologist I saw, the pain we experience for our periods is caused by the release of prostaglandins. Mefenamic acid helps to stop the release of them, or hats the theory.

Best wishes 💗

Perhaps EPO does ease breast pain but I don't suffer from that. Whereas EPO definitely helped me with period pain. Obviously it won't have the same effect on everyone.

Menstrual cramps are caused by not having enough of the PgE1 and PgE3 prostaglandins and too much of the PgE2. A fatty acid deficiency is one cause of this.

I've tried mefenamic acid for pain and tranexamic acid for heavy periods but neither have helped me.

hello... jetstar21

One of my very close friend has same problem few months back. Her periods are completely disturbed and missed for 2-3 months. She was in extreme pain due to this, she was on bed completely. Then I suggest her to go to gynaecologist, she explained her entire condition to her. She prescribed her a medicine named as Meftal Spas and asked her to make few changes in her lifestyle. which comes out a magic medicine for her. She feel relief after taking that medicine. Before taking this medicine, i suggest you to call a doctor first. The pain In your body may be because of your earlier periods and imbalanced diet. Your diet has a big impact on your body. Take proper rest; a sleep of atleast 7-8 hours, balanced diet, mild exercise, increase water consumption. These are few key points for healthy periods and lifestyle.

Good luck

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