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Hi all this is my first post. I am fast reaching 50 and have been experiencing changes in my menstural cycle, so I guess I'm going through the menopause. Not a problem however, I have been experiencing increased surges of heat in my body which starts on my chest and spread across my body, down my back, legs and arms but never goes higher than my neck. I usually experience them late evening in bed, whereby I become drenched in sweat. Not enough that I have to change my sheets, but enough to have to change my vest. I have given up on wearing pyjamas to bed because on these. I have had these surges during the day also. My question is; are these surges hot flushes? I ask because everything I've read says women feel their heat spread from their neck up their face and then down their body.

I am also experiencing an extremely low sex drive, and actual intercourse doesn't have the same feeling (internally) that it used to. I feel a loss of sensation internally.

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  • Hi lovely, yes you are experiencing hot flushes and they can be unbearable at times along with dizziness, feeling sick, dry everything, anxiety, restless legs, aching joints, pins and needles, creepy crawly feelings under your skin, sore eyes, burning in vagina, whooshing in your ears, head aches and just generally exhausted from it all, I am 4 years down the line and didn't want to go onto hrt but boy have I suffered, but everyday I tell myself that eventually it will plateau and I can get through it, you hold on in there flower it's does start to get better, I have worn a ladycare magnet for 3 years for my flushes and I don't get them anymore just a slight heat now and again which has been quite nice through the winter lol. Good luck with your menopause journey. I am 49 and and was period free for 7 months up until last week when I had a small bleed, it did dishearten me but I know it won't be too much longer going through this awful transition. Oh and the out breaks of crying at everything, what us poor women have to go through, I would rather have periods my whole life. Take care, all the best xxx hope this helps xxxxx

  • Hi are the lady cares any good ? And is it ok to take supplements when using it as I can't have hrt x

  • Yes love it's hot flushes,I too don't wear pjs any more nighties are better,I kick covers off then get cold so put them on again.Its unfortunately a women's time of life.There are other ladies on hear that are going though what we are .I too tried magnet but didn't do it for me.Anything is worth a try.I take whole food capsules that have helped with a lot of my symptoms try and eat as much fresh foods as poss and drink more water and less caffeine.You will find something that works for you everyone is different.Good luck with finding yours.Always here if you need any advise .😘💕🤗

  • Yes absolutely lots of water, fresh fruit and veg and lots of walking, since taking this journey I have become caffeine sensitive so don't do caffeine at all, alcohol can make flushes worse too but that's never bothered me cos I don't drink. There's so much going on inside you never know what to do for the best. It's a shame the ladycare didn't work for you, but like we all say, ours bodies are different and react differently. I am also on the menopause matters site which has been my saviour this past 4 years, so helpful and it's nice to know that someone is always there, even at 3 or 4 o clock in the morning when you have anxiety and can't sleep. To be honest I have walked my way through this, the exercise is great and I focus on good things. An hour a day in 20 minutes bursts. Plus a soak in the hot tub lol. Happy Mother's Day to you all, hope you have a great day xxxx

  • Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  • I have found maca powder really helps with hot flushes,. It takes a while to get into your system but I have just the odd hot flush now and again whereas before it was continual day and night. Maca powder also helps boost your libido so could help you in that department.

    I buy mine from Amazon and sprinkle in a smoothie each morning.

    Have a read up on natural remedies and see if either maca or something else could help you. X

  • Thank you Izzy for the advice, I will most certainly give Maca powder a try. X

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