Esterol cream

Hi ladies I was just wondering if anyone have put weight on using this cream? Also I've now read side affects and it says to see doc if you have sore painful breasts which I have and it says don't use if you have high blood pressure which I'm on tablets for! Do you think I shouldn't have been prescribed this and should go back to docs? Thank you

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What is this cream for??,,,I have to go for some sort of stuff for dry painful vagina and painful intercourse but don't want anything that will affect BP as ive had fluctuations in my Blood Pressure before.Is the cream for dryness in vagina???.

Try Replens Moisture Gel but get the prefilled applicators rather than the tube which contains preservative, available from Boots and online. Works really well.

Thank you bantam12 I will get some x

Yes I'm going thru menopause x

Ive been usin Replens but its still dry but I got Ovestin today at the doctors. She said its safe and only small bit of hormone or whatever in

I will ask for that then I don't like using this esterol cream it's making my boobs really painful too thanks for replying x

Pleasure hun,,,feel better soon xxxx

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