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IUD Pains, Should I Get Rid Of It?

So I have very heavy periods and lots and lots of pain with them. I used to not be able to go to work or school because of them. I went on a pill that helped lots but when I became sexually active I found it hard to remember the pill so I went on the IUD. The Mirena IUD.

I got it put in on Tuesday. Insertion was painful but bearable. I was fine for the first 3 days.Barely any pain. Now Im starting to have lots of pain. It feels like pressure on my hips and back and sometimes legs. It like the period craps I used to get. ut it keeps getting worse and worse.

When did your pain go away?

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I had my mirena taken out because of bleeding like a tap on it. I'd fill my menstrual cup in 30 mins.

I don't know when the pain should go. I'd say in a week or 2. Do you have a follow up check?


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